Honors Research Thesis

The milestones are designed to guide students as they complete their research project/thesis. Milestones are negotiable with approval of faculty mentor.

First Year (Freshmen)

Second Semester:

  • Eligible students Apply to Honors Program

(just prior to start of sophomore year)

2nd Year (Sophomore)

  • Students contact assigned mentor to establish initial meeting
  • Students meet regularly with mentor to identify and plan research experience
  • Begin research project
  • Possible needs: CITI Certification, COI Disclosure, IRB approval of study
  • Admitted students assigned faculty mentor

3rd Year (Junior)

  • Conduct/complete research project
  • Meet regularly with mentor – may need to meet more frequently than in sophomore year
  • Identify possible opportunities to disseminate findings (MNRS, Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, other professional conferences)

 4th Year (Senior)

  • Write thesis with guidance of faculty mentor
  • Have thesis approved by faculty mentor
  • Identify Second Reader  (faculty member) to serve as thesis committee member
  • Send thesis (mentor-approved draft) to Second Reader for review
  • Defend thesis orally  to mentor & Second Reader; option to defend thesis at university undergraduate research events (Denman, spring or fall Undergraduate Research Festivals
  • After oral defense: Make final edits
  • Submit thesis to Knowledge Bank (See Appendix)
  • Send electronic copy of thesis to  Honors Program Director


Honors Program Thesis Policy
At the conclusion of the research project, each Honors student will write a formal thesis under the supervision of the faculty mentor and orally defend the thesis before the 12th week of the final semester.

Research Project/Thesis Procedures
1. Student and mentor meet regularly (frequency determined by the mentor) to plan and complete a research project (during sophomore, junior and senior years).
2. Ideal plan is to complete the research project (including data analysis) by end of junior year.
3. During senior year, student writes the thesis that includes a description of the research project and results, and an explanation of findings.
4. Mentor and student select a second faculty member to serve as a Second Reader for the thesis and as a member of thesis committee.
5. After approval by faculty mentor, the thesis is sent to Second Reader by the student for review.
6. Second reader completes thesis review within 2 weeks after receiving same.
7. Student’s oral defense of thesis is completed by 12th week of final semester (Time, place, details of oral defense determined by faculty mentor)
8. Final thesis edits completed by student.
9. After final draft of thesis is approved by faculty mentor, student submits thesis to the Knowledge Bank by last day of classes during final semester.
*Theses may be embargoed at the mentor’s discretion for 1-5 years.
10. Faculty mentors inform Director of Honors Program of thesis defense outcomes and send electronic copy of written thesis to the Director.


College of Nursing Thesis Guide (Recommendations)
Title page
Chapter I: Statement of the Problem (up to 4 pages)
Background of the Problem
Purpose of the Study
Significance of the Study
Conceptual Frame of Reference (Theory)
Aims/Research Questions
Definitions of Terms
Chapter II: Review of the Literature (up to 5 pages)
Chapter Summary
Chapter III: Methodology (up to 4 pages)
Research Design
Population and Sample Design
Data Collection Procedures
Data Collection Instruments
Chapter Summary
Chapter IV: Results (up to 4 pages)
Chapter V: Conclusions and Recommendation (up to 4 pages)
Summary of Findings
Implications of this Study
APA format
21 page limit (excluding title page, abstract and references)