Incident Policy


In the event a student becomes ill during clinical study or in the classroom, the instructional staff member shall refer the student to the Wilce Student Health Center or the student’s private physician for treatment.  If the student’s condition is one that warrants treatment in an Emergency Department, the instructional staff member, or designee, shall assist the student to the Emergency Department.  All medical costs for treatment are the responsibility of the student.  If necessary, an incident report shall be filed following the policy of the institution.  The student may also need to contact their academic advisor if the illness necessitates a change in the student’s current semester course attendance or future semester enrollment.



If a student sustains a “needle stick” or related injury, this incident shall be reported immediately to appropriate agency personnel and to the physician who is responsible for the Preventive Medicine Program at the Wilce Student Health Center.  The student should be referred for follow-up to Wilce Student Health Services, Preventive Medicine Department.  The instructional staff member and student should complete any incident report forms required by the agency and inform the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Nursing.  Any follow-up testing and treatment expenses that are incurred are the responsibility of the student. For more information on blood borne pathogen exposures, please refer to the Wilce Student Health Center web site: