Double Major Policy

Undergraduate students in the College of Nursing may choose to add a second or “tag” major in addition to their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Nursing will always be considered the student’s primary major and no clinicals or course pathways in the Nursing program may be changed to accommodate the second major. Although you will have two majors, upon graduation you will only receive one diploma with the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Your second major will be listed through your transcript and records.
The following are the policy guidelines for Double Majors:

1. You must complete only complete the General Education requirements of the College of Nursing.
2. You will complete a minimum of 121 credit hours to graduate with both majors.
3. You will complete at least 39 upper division hours.
4. You will need to complete a minimum of 18 hours in the second major.
5. You will need to meet with an advisor from the second major to plan your curriculum and understand the major requirements.

Please contact your academic advisor for more information.