Understanding your Transfer Credit


As a new student with transfer credit, you may be wondering exactly how your courses fit into your intended degree program, especially if those courses have not been evaluated as Ohio State equivalents.

It is recommended, and required for some majors, that you have necessary evaluations done prior to scheduling classes at orientation. Having credit evaluation completed will allow you to take courses for which you are well prepared and will avoid duplicating courses that you have completed elsewhere. Here are some guidelines to assist you:

1. Look at your Transfer Credit Report and identify any “General” (courses numbered G000.xx) and/or “Deferred” credit (appearing in a separate section of the report).
2. Check the “Recommendations for Your Major” section below to see if you need to have this “General”, “Special” and/or “Deferred” credit further evaluated.
3. For further credit evaluation, contact the appropriate Transfer Credit Coordinator. You can also find this list at http://registrar.osu.edu/transfer_credit/tcc_list.asp

Description of Transfer Credit Types

If the Transfer Credit Evaluator could not identify exact Ohio State course equivalents for your previous college course work, you will find some or all of the following designations.
G000.xx: General credit is awarded when there may be an equivalent course at Ohio State, but the Transfer Credit Evaluator could not make that determination.
S000.xx: Special credit is awarded when there is no specific course equivalent at Ohio State.
T000.xx: Technical credit is awarded for technical course work that is acceptable as undergraduate credit at Ohio State.
Und Tech: Undefined Technical credit is awarded for technical course work that is acceptable as undergraduate credit at Ohio State, but cannot be assigned to an existing Ohio State department.
D000.xx or Unknown: Deferred or Unknown credit is designated when the Transfer Credit Evaluator cannot determine if this course work is acceptable as undergraduate credit. It is not included in the total hours awarded, nor is it added to your Ohio State record until a transfer credit coordinator further evaluates the course(s) to determine whether credit can be awarded.

If you have been awarded any of the above types of credit, you will find a Transfer Credit Coordinator list enclosed with your evaluation.

You can also find this list at: http://registrar.osu.edu/transfer_credit/tcc_list.asp

Credit Awarded

Whenever possible, you have been awarded exact Ohio State course equivalents.

In the section of your Transfer Credit Report labeled “These Courses Transfer to Ohio State”, your
courses are listed by course department, course number or type of credit, and semester hours of credit. Quarter hours are multiplied by .67 to calculate equivalent semester hours. An example follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6


3 KA

1. Term of course completion
2. Ohio State course name and number G000 = General Credit xx = a unique identifying number assigned to your General, Special, Technical, or Deferred credit
3. Total semester hours earned for course
4. K is the Ohio State transfer grade designation 2 = combination of two or more grades at previous institution A = grade at previous institution (does not include +or -)
5. Name or abbreviation of previous institution
6. Course name and number(s) taken at previous institution equivalent to Ohio
State course

If you attended an institution with a non-traditional credit hour system, the maximum number of transfer credit hours that you can expect to receive per year is 32 semester hours.

Course Applicability System

If you have not yet received your transfer credit report, you can still get an idea of what credit you may be receiving at Ohio State for your classes at your previous college or university. Students transferring to Ohio State from a variety of Ohio colleges and universities can check how their incoming credit will transfer into the University using the Course Applicability System at: https://www.transferology.com/welcome.htm.

After creating an account, students can navigate through this site. Please note that this credit evaluation is not official until transcripts have been received by Ohio State from your previous institution and is for educational purposes only.

Resolving Transfer Credit at Ohio State

When a student is accepted to The Ohio State University as a transfer student, the course credit from his or her previous university or college is reviewed by the Transfer Credit Center. The Transfer Credit Center uses preset guidelines to determine how the courses will be transferred to Ohio State. Sometimes a course has a direct equivalent, that is, the course at the previous university is similar in content, course work and evaluation procedures, and the student is given credit for that particular course at Ohio State. A directly equivalent course can be applied to a degree program for general education or major requirements if it has already been approved by the College of Nursing.

Many times, however, the course does not have a direct equivalent to courses offered at Ohio State. That is, the course from the previous university may be similar to one of the courses offered here, but not exactly the same. These courses are assigned special (S000.00) or general (G000.00) credit which cannot be directly applied to the degree program. Instead, a student must follow the process below to resolve the special or general credits before they can be applied to the degree program.

1. Obtain the syllabus from your previous university or college for each course that needs to be further evaluated. To do this, you should contact the department and ask to have them send you a copy of the entire syllabus. If you cannot obtain the syllabus, then a copy of the course description may suffice for the evaluation process, but the syllabus is preferred. Many college catalogs can be found at www.collegesource.org.
2. FOR PREREQUISITE COURSES: Mail, fax, or drop the syllabus off (make a copy for yourself) to the transfer credit evaluator in the department who teaches the course. For example, if you took a biology course with a microbiology focus at a previous university, you would send the syllabus to the transfer credit evaluator in the microbiology department at Ohio State. A list of the transfer credit coordinators is located at: http://registrar.osu.edu/transfer_credit/tcc_list.asp
3. The transfer credit evaluator may:
a. Determine that the course is directly equivalent to a course here at Ohio State and assign credit for that course. If this course is one the College of Nursing requires, it can then be applied to the degree requirements. The transfer credit evaluator will assign credit for the course; however, you may need to inform the College of Nursing of the change in credit status.
b. Determine that the course is not directly equivalent to a course here at Ohio State but decide that the course meets the “spirit of” another course offered. The transfer credit evaluator may then write a letter of support. You may then use this letter to petition the Undergraduate Studies Committee (UGS) within the College of Nursing if the course is a prerequisite for admission to the major (Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Nutrition, Microbiology, Statistics and English)
4. FOR GENERAL EDUCATION COURSES: In order to petition a GE (if you are a nursing major) for approval, you must complete a curriculum petition form and write a concise statement that supports your request. You may include any course material or a syllabus that would help support the petition. These materials will be reviewed and you will be notified by an academic advisor once a decision is reached. Please include in the letter the detail of the situation, as well as your personal contact information.
The petition form can be accessed on the student web page http://studentweb.con.ohio-state.edu/default.aspx under most frequently asked questions or requested from the Office of Student Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion at the Columbus campus.
Your letter should be addressed to:
Your Advisor (Hillary Stanley or Lindsey Lee)
Office of Student Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion
Newton Hall Room 106
1585 Neil Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Technical credits, such as those from previous nursing coursework, will be evaluated by nursing faculty members to determine applicability upon admittance to College of Nursing major.

You can find the Registrar’s guide to understanding transfer credit here.