The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) provides students with technical support related to computing issues. Part of OCIO is 8help, the OCIO Technology Support Center Help Desk. OCIO handles questions, problem reports, service requests, and inquiries from faculty, staff, and students regarding computer hardware and software, Internet connectivity, and related topics. You can call them at 614-688-HELP (4357) (TDD: 614-688-8743) or email them at 8help@osu.edu. To, view the standard hours of operation at https://ocio.osu.edu/help/hours.

Email: To check your OSU Internet e-mail from the web, go to OSU Buckeye Mail or Webmail at buckeyemail.osu.edu.

The Ohio State University, recognizing the increasing need for electronic communication with students, has established email as an official means of communication with students. An official Ohio State University (OSU) email address is issued to each student upon admission to Ohio State, or upon initial enrollment, whichever occurs first. Students are responsible for activating their email account by going to the OIT web site at my.osu.edu.

The university will routinely send official communications to the university email address.
Since email has been adopted as a primary mechanism for sending official communications to students at OSU, students must check email regularly in order to read important messages and notifications. Certain communications may be time-sensitive. Failure to read official university communications sent to the students’ official OSU email addresses does not absolve students from knowing and complying with the content of those official communications. Students must also ensure that there is sufficient space in their e-mail postboxes to allow email to be delivered and received.

Students who choose to have their email forwarded to a private email address outside the official university network address will be doing so at their own risk. The university is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the proper or timely transmission or access of email forwarded to any third-party email address. Any such problems will not absolve students of their responsibility to know and comply with the content of official communications sent to students’ official Ohio State University email addresses.
All use of email will be consistent with other Ohio State University policies including the Policy on Abuse of Computers and Networks.

Go to http://www.my.osu.edu/. This site authorizes you to create a new OSU Internet Username following a name change. It requires that you already have an OSU Internet Username and password. Your new OSU Internet Username will be your (new) name.#. Your password will not change