Program Compliance

Upon admission into the College of Nursing, students will be given a list of required certifications and medical documentation that must be completed in order to be eligible to attend classes. This includes two types of documentation: medical documentation, and certifications and trainings. All medical documentation is submitted, tracked, and verified through Wilce Student Health Center. Deadlines for each requirement is specific to the student’s program, curriculum plan, and mode of instruction. Please refer to the College of Nursing website for more information. Please visit: A student will be considered non-compliant if one or more of the requirements are unfilled. Non-compliant students will be prohibited from attending clinical.

Program Compliance Requirements for Traditional BSN Students

Student Compliance Portal

The Student Compliance Portal allows students to monitor their compliance status at any time.  It includes the compliance requirements specific to your program, your current status with those requirements, and if your overall status is compliant, noncompliant, or at-risk.  Students who are noncompliant or at risk will have directions on how to update the required documents to become compliant.

  1. Click the Student Compliance Portal link. (website:
  2. Click “View My Compliance Report”
  3. Log In with your name.# and password.


Please send all medical documentation for compliance purposes to Wilce Student Health Center.  This can be done via upload to MyBuckMD or email to

For questions about  compliance, please email


Program Compliance Requirements Policy

1. Program compliance requirements must be complete according to deadlines given to students upon admission.
2. Students are required to maintain a compliant status as long as they are enrolled in the nursing program. Several of the requirements will need to be completed or renewed on an annual basis. Please visit the College of Nursing website at for specific deadlines or requirement changes.
3. The Office of Student Affairs will send notifications to students considered non-compliant or at-risk of becoming non-compliant. The at-risk status indicates a requirement will be expiring in the near future. Upon receiving notification, it is the student’s responsibility to take immediate action.
4. Students must follow the submission instructions for each requirement. Please refer to the Appendix section of the handbook for a list of specific requirements and submission instructions. Compliance status will not be updated unless the correct documentation is submitted per instructions.
5. Students who may be pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions that prohibit them from completing the medical compliance requirements must submit a medical waiver forapproval to the Wilce Health Center:

Insurance Policy

Students are covered for general and malpractice insurance by The Ohio State University. Students may access evidence of required insurance coverage procured by Ohio state for clinical compliance by accessing the following:

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Ohio State shall have the right to elect to self-insure for the amount of the liability coverage Ohio State is required to carry hereunder. Questions regarding this line of coverage should be directed to OSU Insurance at

In addition, the College of Nursing requires that all students carry health insurance through a family, employment, or student policy comparable to The Ohio State University Student Health Insurance Plan. Verification must be completed on the Registrar’s web site at the time of course registration.