Graduation Requirements

The graduation application deadline for all undergraduates across the university is the 10th Friday of each semester. Please note there are no applications accepted after the deadline.  Students who apply to graduate after the 10th Friday will be required to graduate the following semester.  To apply to graduate, please complete the “Application to Graduate-BSN” online form.

It is the responsibility of senior students to confirm that they have:

1. Cumulative Point Hour Ratio (CPHR) of 2.50 or better in the required courses in the nursing major and cumulative point hour ratio of 2.00 in the university.

2. Completed the minimum number of 121 credit hours (excluding remedial course work) necessary for graduation and have met all credit distribution requirements (electives, General Education courses, etc.). Credit for required courses which were repeated due to an unsatisfactory grade in the first attempt will only be counted toward graduation upon satisfactory completion. The first attempt credit will not count toward graduation but will be calculated in the CPHR unless the Grade Forgiveness Rule or the Fresh Start Rule is applied.

3. Met the specific course requirements as identified for obtaining the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Students can access their Degree Audit Report at Scroll down to ‘Enrollment and Academic History’ and select ‘Degree Audit.’

Standards for Latin Honors at Graduation*

Faculty Rule 3335-9-33 states: Degrees cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude may be granted for exceptional achievement in the curriculum of each enrollment unit for students who have completed 60 semester credit hours at The Ohio State University and have achieved the following cumulative point hour ratio.

Summa Cum Laude: 4.00 – 3.90
Magna Cum Laude: 3.89 – 3.70
Cum Laude: 3.69 – 3.50

Latin honors are awarded after autumn term of the senior year. If the student is not eligible after autumn semester, spring grade point average will be considered. Student will never lose the honor after autumn semester but a student may rise to the next award level at the conclusion of spring semester.

Research Distinction
There are two options for students in the College of Nursing to complete a thesis and graduate with research distinction:

The College of Nursing Honors Program: The College of Nursing Honors Program admits a select group of students who are interested in working closely with a faculty mentor on a research study. Admission into the College of Nursing Honors program occurs during the summer prior to the start of sophomore year of the nursing major. Students in the Honors Program who complete their projects and thesis will graduate with “Honors Research Distinction in Nursing” from the College of Nursing, the highest distinction an undergraduate student can attain at The Ohio State University.

Standards for Graduation with Honors Research Distinction in Nursing

To graduate with Honors Research Distinction in Nursing, the following conditions must be fulfilled at the time of graduation. Note that Honors Research Distinction in Nursing differs from Latin honors.
• Admission to the Nursing Honors Program
• Successful completion of the nursing honors courses
• Nursing 2781 H
• Nursing 2890.01 H and Nursing 2890.02 H
• Nursing 3890.01 H and Nursing 3890.02 H
• Nursing 4890.01 H and Nursing 4890.02 H

• Completion of research culminating in a thesis (2781H, Honors Research)
• Present research findings at the Denman Research Forum
• Maintain honors status (i.e., maintain minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4 and successful completion of all the above courses and research)

The Research Distinction Option: Students who wish to complete undergraduate research may participate in The Research Distinction Option. The Research Distinction Option recognizes students who complete a minimum of six credits hours in Nursing 4999H and an independent research project culminating in a thesis. Students completing the Research Distinction Option will graduate with “Research Distinction.”
The Application Process
Student interested in the Research Distinction option must submit an application at least two terms prior to graduation. In addition to the application students must fulfill the following requirements:
• Application with the signature of the faculty advisor
• Enrollment in a minimum of six credit hours for Nursing 4999H
• Completing an independent research project which cumulates in a thesis
• Oral defense and submission into the Knowledge Bank no later than four Fridays before the date of Commencement
• Submitting the Certification for Graduation with Research Distinction form immediately following a successful oral defense.
All applications and forms must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion by the specified deadline. For more information about this option please contact the Office of Student Affairs,  Equity, and Inclusion.