Vision & Mission

QualLab Mission Statement
QualLab will foster capacity building of EHE faculty, post-docs, researchers and graduate students and become an inter/national in person and online destination location for advancing qualitative inquiry toward innovation, equity, diversity and justice.

The QualLab Purpose-Driven Vision Statement is:
…to support the capacity building of faculty, post-docs, researchers and graduate students
…to cultivate advanced qualitative research designs
…to speak to multiple paradigms
…to further critical, anti-racist, equity and social justice inquiry perspectives toward public good
…to provide 1-1 consultations
…to create a space of innovation and inclusion
…to foster collaboration within and outside of EHE
…to intentionally integrate the “lab” language to reflect experimentation and learning
…to disseminate events and innovative methodological resources to our community

EHE Core Values Actualized through the QualLab
In collaboration and consultation with its faculty and staff, EHE has developed five core values that represent our mission to serve The Ohio State University, the larger Columbus community, the state and world in which we live. The primary goal of the QualLab is to actualize these values through its offerings.

Excellence: in transformative high-impact teaching, research, and service devoted to our students and community.
Justice: in our plans, actions, and outcomes especially in the face of challenging circumstances and in the absence of agreement
Diversity: in creating a community that is inclusive and equitable in representation, language, action, and behavior
Innovation: in a continuous process of discovery that is solution focused and community based
Internationalization: in cultivating an academic community with global awareness and engagement

Land Acknowledgement
We support the Land Acknowledgement developed by The Ohio State University Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Find the full statement here. We, the QualLab, acknowledge central Ohio as the traditional homeland of the Shawnee Nation, Miami, Wyandotte and other Indigenous nations who have strong ties to these lands. Today, individuals from a broad range of Indigenous backgrounds call Columbus and central Ohio home. There is a long history of violent and harmful research “on” Indigenous communities and, while some of this continues today, QualLab is dedicated to educating scholars on working “with” Indigenous communities, if invited. We are committed to go beyond “do no harm.”