Grants, Projects, & Publications

Please find recent grants, projects, and publications generated by the QualLab team & community below:


Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching & Learning Research Grant 

The Drake Institute annually awards faculty engaged in scholarly teaching, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) or Disciplinary-Based Educational Research (DBER) with funds and expertise to support projects that advance implementation and/or research of instructional best practices in Ohio State courses. 

Project Description: Members of the QualLab Graduate Student Board (GSB) crafted their own collaborative scholarly personal narrative (SPN) study, which is from a postmodern perspective and focuses on the reality that “we see what we believe; we observe what we narrate; we transform what we reframe” (Nash, 2004, p. 45). The focus of this project invited students to reflect through various mediums on their experiences with the multiple pandemics of COVID, institutionalized racism, and white supremacy as well as how they have worked and continue to work toward transformative change as they reframed their own understandings of qualitative “space”.


Pasque, P.A., & alexander, E. (Eds.). (2022). Advancing Culturally Responsive Research and Researchers: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods (1st ed.). Routledge.

Pasque, P. A., Patton, L. D., Gayles, J. G., Gooden, M. A., Henfield, M. S., Milner, H. R., Peters, A., & Stewart, D.-L. (2022). Unapologetic Educational Research: Addressing Anti-Blackness, Racism, and White Supremacy. Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies22(1), 3–17.

Combs, L. D., Dellarosa, M., Kim, M. J., Pittman, A. G., Gilbert, C., Smith, S. J., … & Pasque, P. A. (2021). Radical interrelated qualitative space in the midst of multipandemics: A collaborative scholarly personal narrative. Cultural Studies↔ Critical Methodologies21(6), 509-520.