EHE Qual Courses

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The College of Education and Human Ecology offers many courses in qualitative methods to support students in strengthening their research skills.

    • View the most recent list of EHE qualitative classes here, including what courses you can count on each semester/year: EHE Qual Courses. We update this list on a rolling basis. Have new info? Please let us know.
      • Note: coming 2022-2023 – Using NVivo Software for Data Analysis with Dr. Rhodesia McMillian
    • Did you participate in the May-June, 2020 graduate student curriculum survey & are you interested in the report? Qualitative Curriculum Report 2020.
    • We are working on developing more structure for qualitative course sequencing and adding some exciting new courses in the future! Check out this sheet and this presentation to learn more.

The three departments in the College of Education and Human Ecology offer qualitative courses taught by world-renowned and knowledgeable faculty. See more information on qualitative courses and faculty by department:

Fall 2021 Qualitative Courses:

  • ESHESA 7256 Qualitative Research in Higher Education Settings, Dr. Penny A. Pasque
  • ESQUAL 8280 Qualitative Research in Education: Paradigms, Theories, and Exemplars, Dr. Jan Nespor
  • ESQUAL 8895 ESPHE/EDUCST Advanced Qualitative Analysis & Presentation, Dr. Antoinette Errante
  • EDUTL 7010 Diverse Approaches to Research on Teaching and Learning, Dr. Melinda Rhoades
  • EDUTL 7014 Epistemologies and Theories in Multicultural and Equity Studies in Education, Dr. Timothy San Pedro or Dr. Cynthia Tyson
  • EDUTL 7431 The Ethnography of Literacy and Language I, (course is taught regularly, but not taught yearly) Dr. Laurie Katz
  • EDUTL 8001 Discourse Analysis and Educational Research I, Dr. Michiko Hikida or Dr. Stephanie Powers
  • EDUTL 8890 Case Study in Language and Literacy, Dr. Michiko Hikida
  • EDUTL 8890 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods for Post-Candidacy, Dr. Michiko Hikida
  • EDUTL 8890 Case Study Research in Language in Literacy, Dr. Michiko Hikida* click here to view the flyer for this course
  • KNPE 5521 Qualitative Skill Analysis, Dr. Weidong Li