Do you want to talk through your research design? Learn about resources related to your analysis process? Think through ideas for dissemination beyond journal articles?

We kicked off a new opportunity for support with the QualLab consultants in Fall 2022 and will continue in Spring 2023! Every Thursday from 10:00AM to 12:00PM, you can drop in to Open Consultation Hours at this zoom link. (In Spring 2023, you can meet us on site at the EHE Research Forum on 2/16. We will not hold Open Consultation Hours on 3/16 and 5/4.)

The QualLab’s Open Consultation Hours are intended to provide timely resources, feedback, and support related to qualitative research for graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and staff in EHE. Additionally, visitors are welcome to remain in the zoom space to hear the types of feedback and resources that are given to other visitors during the session. Please feel free to drop in and stay as long as you’d like in the 2-hour window. We invite you to bring a few specific questions related to your project, and then if you need additional support, we will schedule an individual consultation with you.

QualLab consultations are available for EHE faculty, post-docs, researchers and graduate students across all three departments. Consultations are scheduled as 1-hour meetings (virtual during Covid-19) with two GRAs or 1 GRA and the Faculty Director, with the possibility for further meetings if needed. We provide you with a summary and list of resources specific to your approach. We can also help you think through anti-racist, social justice and equity research designs from start to finish, or just stick with the basics.

If you are interested in only a few references, review our “Dashboard of Resources” page or send us an email with a question and we will respond within a business day or two.

Sign up for a consultation by completing the qualtrics form here. We strongly encourage you to attend Open Consultation hours before requesting an individual consultation. Please expect at least one week before the earlest availability.

Interested in information about quantitative methods? See the QMC website.


A conversation centering on your important research!

QualLab library is available in the space.

*Recording Policy: The QualLab records consultations for note-taking purposes only, recordings are destroyed immediately after consultation summaries are completed. These recordings are not to be shared by the QualLab or the consultee, recordings will not take place if the consultee does not feel comfortable. 

*Outside EHE Consultations: The QualLab provides free 1-hour consultations (and repeat if necessary) for EHE graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff (i.e., grant submissions, journal articles, dissertation work, or anything except for coursework).  Due to resource constraints, we charge for consultations for people external to the college within our outside Ohio State University. Please contact us at for pricing.