Graduate Student Board (GSB)

The QualLab Graduate Student Board (GSB) is an organic, graduate student-led group that was created to foster meaningful engagement with the qualitative research process from theory to practice. This semester the students who continue on the team are working on a Drake Grant (Level II). Because of this, we are no longer holding open GSB meetings at this time. Don’t worry! Instead, graduate students can attend the QualLab’s Open Consultation Hours with any ideas or interests in building community with other qualitative researchers.

View the past GSB’s most recent project below:

Congrats to the QualLab Graduate Student Board (GSB), who now have a journal publication in a qualitative research journal!

Publication citation in APA:

Combs, L. D., Dellarosa, M., Kim, M. J., Pittman, A. G., Gilbert, C., Smith, S. J., … & Pasque, P. A. (2021). Radical interrelated qualitative space in the midst of multipandemics: A collaborative scholarly personal narrative. Cultural Studies↔ Critical Methodologies, 21(6), 509-520.

Thanks to the Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching & Learning for our Research & Scholarship Grant Level 1 & 2!

Below are pictures from the QualLab GSB Publication Party: