GSB Journal Publication

Congrats to the QualLab Graduate Student Board (GSB), who now have a journal publication in a qualitative research journal!


The QualLab Graduate Student Board is a student-led organization of a diverse group across disciplines, race, gender, nationality and additional identities.  The GSB worked together as a research team as they collected, analyzed, and published their work on “Radical interrelated qualitative space in the midst of multiple pandemics” in press with Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies. Congratulations to Lisa Combs (ES), Maretha Dellarosa (TL), MJ Kim (TL), Alexander Pittman (TL), Chelsea Gilbert (ES), Spencer Smith (ES), Tessa Smith (ES), Shay Valley (ES), and Dr. Penny Pasque (ORIC & ES)!

Below are pictures from the QualLab GSB Publication Party: