Resource Guides

Resource Guides are meant to be “beginner-level” or “101” sources to support researchers in learning the basics of qualitative research Each was created by a QualLab Graduate Research Associated and/or Graduate Student Board member. The student who authored the resource guide is listed on the front page. Each Guide includes introductory descriptions and references. Visit our “Resource Bibliographies by Research Method” pages for more details and references, and our External Qual Links for learning materials beyond OSU. If you have questions, please contact us at

The QualLab Resource Guides & Webinar Links are below: 

Resource Guide: Transcription Services

Resource Guide: Qualitative Research 101: ​ The “Top 5” Methodologies

Resource Guide: Focus Groups

Resource Guide: How to Write Up Findings

Resource Guide: Designing an Interview Protocol

Narrative Inquiry 

Grounded Theory


Announcement:  The QualLab & EHE OIT, in an effort to continue to provide EHE students, faculty, and staff with the best resources available in qualitative research, are proud to announce that Transana software is now available and ready for use in 329 Ramseyer computer lab. Transana software provides the latest software in transcribing audio and digital video data. For more information, please see or the QualLab Dashboard of Resources.