Faculty Fellows Program

Faculty Fellows are a wealth of knowledge and experience. We strengthen our knowledge as we collaborate and support each other. Consider participating in QualLab as one of our Fellows:

  • QualLab Fellow: This faculty Fellow internal to EHE would 1) attend QualLab Faculty meetings once per year to discuss curricular and co-curricular support across all three departments (meetings will be held once a semester), 2) participate in at least 1 event per academic year (i.e., QualLab Lunch, AMI Conference, Awards). The title may be utilized for up to three years after the action (if a relationship with QualLab is not sustained, then the title concludes).

Benefits to Fellows: A sense of community with other qualitative scholars, hold the “Faculty Fellow” title of distinction, publication and promotion of guidebooks with authorship, website and social media presence of Fellow’s existing research to the QualLab national community, participation in national events with esteemed national scholars (i.e., Advanced Methods Institute), and if you write a portion of our QualLab GRA into a grant then we provide the methodological expertise training and support for that doctoral student so you may focus on the research project. We are working on financial support through external grants and always welcome your assistance with these efforts.

Interested? Please reach out to Dr. Penny A. Pasque at (pasque.2@osu.edu) or QualLab@osu.edu.