Educational Studies

Dean Pope-Davis presents to a class

Qualitative Courses in the Department of Educational Studies

Note: This is not a comprehensive list as there are changes regularly. For the most up to date information, please see BuckeyeLink with the latest Course Catalogue.

Fall 2024

  • ESQUAL/ESHESA 7256 Qualitative Research in Higher Education Settings, Dr. Penny A. Pasque (online)
  • ESQUAL 8280 (2 sections) Qualitative Research in Education: Paradigms, Theories, and Exemplars, Dr. Jan Nespor
  • ESQUAL 8285 Qualitative Data Analysis Methods and Applications, Dr. Antoinette Errante (online)
  • ESQUAL 8285 Intersectionality in Educational Research, Dr. Venus Evans-Winters (online)

Summer 2024

  • ESQUAL 8289 Digital Tools in Qualitative Research, Dr. Rhodesia McMillian

Spring 2024

  • ESQUAL 7230 Qualitative Research for Educators, Dr. Jan Nespor (online)
  • ESQUAL/ESPHE 7240 Life History and Interview Methods, Dr. Antoinette Errante (online)
  • ESQUAL/ESEPOL 8286 Critical Approaches to Race and Policy Analysis, Dr. Rhodesia McMillian
  • ESQUAL 8290 Qualitative Research in Education: Methods and Analysis, Dr. Jan Nespor
  • ESQUAL/ESQREM 8895 Mixed Methods in Educational Research, Dr. Noemi Linares-Ramirez
    • This is a new course developed in collaboration between ESQUAL and ESQREM due to student demand. Note that it is listed as “Seminars: Qualitative Research in Education” and “Seminars: Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement,” respectively. The course title is reflected under “Topic.”

Qualitative Research Faculty in the Department of Educational Studies

Potential Pathways for Educational Studies Students

Below are potential pathways for doctoral and master’s students to gain a well-rounded survey of methods throughout their studies. For more information, see this sheet or this presentation.