Marketing and the Senses

This is part 2 of 3 sections from the conference.

Marketing is a difficult task. Writing a comprehensive marketing plan is a difficult task. So, we’ve provided a format to make this a one-pager! Yes, you’ll have lots of other notes, but this one-page marketing plan will help you focus and take action for the coming season at the farm.

To implement this plan, we encourage you to think about all aspects of your farm in terms of engaging customers through the five senses. The presentation reviews things you can do at the farm, and even gives specific ideas to help you think of customers and marketing in new ways.

Find out more information through the links below for use to develop a one page marketing plan for your farm.

2021 – Marketing and senses – Minnesota – Handout Activities to be used with the farm management team

2021 – Marketing and senses – Minnesota Slides from the presentation

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