Top 10 Attributes of the BEST Farmers Markets – Wisconsin!

Farmers Markets are great opportunities for direct sales of agricultural products. The management of the market makes all the difference when it comes to success. This list of attributes was developed through years of research and visits to farmers markets from South Dakota to Vermont and most states in between. With the attached handout, you will learn:

  • Well managed is well organized. –Period.
  • Quality attracts quality.

–You can’t afford NOT to have the best vendors at your market.

  • Time is money.

–It’s not worth sitting all morning for just $100.

  • Their marketing makes the market.

–Image is indeed, everything.

This winter is a great time to rework your farmers market by looking at the marketing plan for the entire market, providing training for market managers and much more!

DOWNLOAD THE HANDOUT: Top 10 Attributes of the BEST farmers markets

BONUS items: 

Vendor Gap Analysis – A Word document to help determine the mix of products at your market.

One Page Marketing Plan – A PowerPoint slide to use in summarizing the marketing plan to-do list for your market this year.

Farmers’ Markets – 30MM branded poster for each farm– A Microsoft Publisher document. A sample 11×17 poster, branded with market information, ready for vendor information. Then, laminate and require posting at your market for each vendor.