Customer Service – Minnesota Fruit & Veg Conference

This is part 1 of 3 sections from the conference.

Customer service is the brand in action. Knowing what customers think of you and how they interpret your image is a great way to start a plan to improve customer service at  your farm this coming season.

There are four steps to providing excellent, awesome customer service:

  1. Prepare – Write a plan, train and empower employees.
  2. Respond & Mitigate – Understand it is a long term relationship, not just about the issue at hand. Fix things. Respond on social media.
  3. Recover – Have a plan for potential customer service fails. Designate who is in charge. Communicate.
  4. Improve Practices – Update the plan. Prepare for next time. Anticipate future customer service issues.

Find out more information through the links below for use to develop a customer service plan for your farm.

–  2021 – Awesome Customer Service – Minnesota – Handout Activities to be used with the farm management team

2021 – Awesome Customer Service – Minnesota Slides from the presentation

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