Marketing Lessons from the 2021 Super Bowl

Marketing Lessons from the 2021 Super Bowl

With applications for Direct Food & Ag Marketing Businesses

Super Bowl LV was again one for the record books, with the smallest stadium crowd ever, the lowest TV rating in fifteen years and the first one to be played in a home stadium. Many would say it solidifies Tom Brady’s GOAT status even further.

The ratings and big swings in who advertised in 2021 shows us that uncertainty may be the driver of many aspects of marketing. It also says something about what is going on with our customer base today. People’s lives are uprooted. Consumer habits are being changed forever, we are just not sure what forever means. Gauging consumer trends has been difficult this year due to the speed of change.

Advertising changes were big. Ford advertised in the playoffs, but not the big game. Budweiser did not market their core product, but instead focused on public service announcements for COVID-19 vaccinations. Pepsi did the half time show but did not purchase ad time.

Each year, the commercials give us a bearing for where marketing is going on a large scale. It sets the tone for marketing in the coming year and helps smaller businesses gauge what marketing firms with great data know. So, with a keen eye on the ads, we watched for trends and gave lots of thought to translate trends to direct farm marketing in the coming year.

As you review our analysis of trends, consider these questions for your business:

  • How does this relate to your business and your brand?
  • How can you use these trends to update your online presence (webpage, social media, etc)?
  • What trends can you take advantage of and how can you make a plan to use them?

Download the handout for this presentation, here: 2021 – Marketing Trends We Saw in Super Bowl Ads – handout

South Dakota Specialty Producers Association – Marketing For Retail Agriculture

Greetings, South Dakota!

We’re excited to share some ideas for marketing the farm at farmers markets – from displays to signage. We’ll share details to help farmers markets be the best they can be to promote our farms and bring in more customers. We’ll start the program by reviewing some trends, sharing resources and talking about marketing in today’s environment. Then, we’ll share tips and photos from farmers markets across the United States to explain the Top 10 Strategies for Farmers Market Vendors. Telling your farm’s story, educating customers, providing convenience and detailed examples will be shared. Then, on to the Top 10 Attributes of the BEST farmers markets will be shared. This includes educational sessions for vendors, having a great market manager, a marketing plan to ensure high customer demand, and more will be shared with detailed examples. Handouts for the program are:

Marketing for Retail Agriculture – Farmers Markets – Slide Handout

Top 10 Strategies for Farmers Market Vendors – Handout

Top 10 Attributes of the BEST farmers markets – Handout

More resources are available here on our blog – from the one page marketing plan to planning for operating the farm during COVID. There are many opportunities to learn more to grow the farm business!