Awesome Customer Service – Kentucky Farm Bureau

Greetings, Kentucky Farm Bureau!

We’re excited to share our enthusiasm for Customer Service and our process for improving customer service at agritourism farms. Our goal for this presentation is to help you Develop and integrate a customer service plan that creates connections with your customers. We’ll cover the process of preparing a plan, responding to customers, recovering from challenges and improving practices to enhance the customer experience at your farm. A key component to this process is determining your farm’s values and developing this into keys that can be a basis for decision making in the customer service model. You can download the slide deck here:

Awesome Customer Service – KY II – Slides

The handouts for this program will help your agritourism team develop a framework that will lead to your plan development. This workbook was developed for use by the agritourism management team in developing and preparing a customer service plan that can be used to prepare, respond, recover, and improve customer service on your operation. Download the handouts at:

Awesome Customer Service Handout – KY – Web