Agritourism Trends & Activity Decision Making

This is part 3 of 3 sections from the Minnesota Fruit & Vegetable conference.

Looking at trends can be a great way to determine next steps for agritourism at the farm level. This section will help you gain new ideas and help explain what is happening in the agritourism industry across the country.

Many of us get excited about trends quickly. We want to plan a new event, or add a new activity to the farm. But, wait! There are many decisions to make before determining if an activity is best suited for your specific farm. We’ll review a decision making chart for use with your farm team to be sure you are analyzing each activity and choosing the ones that best fit your farming operation.

Find out more information through the links below for use to get ideas for your farm based on today’s trends in agritourism and a guide to decision making for agritourism activities.

2021 – Agritourism Trends & Activities – Handout Activities to be used with the farm management team

2021 – Agritourism Trends & Activities Slides from the presentation

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