LabArchives Tips (1): Setting Up Your Notebook

LabArchives provides a series of five articles to get you started with their lab notebook tool.  This is the first in the series.  All information is taken directly from the tutorials they send by email to new users.

It’s All About The Set-up

When it comes to transitioning to LabArchives from paper notebooks or even other digital tools, we provide you with several options. Is your lab working on one or more projects? Is it a small lab, or do you have a large number of members? Do you have a regular change in lab members (e.g. graduate students)? Learn more about your set-up options.

We Like Hierarchies

LabArchives uses a standard file system of Folders to organize your laboratory information. Each folder may contain any number of “sub-folders.” There is no limit to the number or levels of sub-folders. Learn more…

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