OSU Institutional Data Policy Calculator

Ohio State institutional data is information created, collected, maintained, transmitted, or recorded by, or for, the University to conduct university operations. It includes (a) research data and (b) data used for planning, managing, operating, controlling, or auditing university functions, operations, and mission. Institutional data includes, but is not limited to, information in paper, electronic, audio, and visual formats.

The university’s institutional data are significant assets that must be properly managed and protected by all members of the university community. The Institutional Data Policy (IDP) establishes the need to protect institutional data. The University has developed a classification system to classify institutional data. The classification consists of 4 levels which are as follows:

  • S1: Public
  • S2: Internal
  • S3: Private
  • S4: Restricted

Depending on the data classification, there are special procedures and policies in place at the College on storing data. The University has developed a handy tool for users to identify the data classification level. Please take a moment to check out the IDP Calculator and familiarize yourself with different data levels.

Please contact OTDI with any further questions.