Online Health Sciences

Health Sciences Online Frequently Asked Questions:

Where should I send my transcripts to have them evaluated? Ohio State Professional Admissions. If you have something unofficial, you can send it straight to your academic advisor in SHRS to get a better idea of what can and can’t be used towards the major.

Do I have to enroll in the program full time? No. Every student can choose whether or not they want to take on a full time course load. Students are welcome to complete the courses at their own pace or on a part-time basis. This will just prolong graduation.

Do I have to have an associate’s degree to apply? No. Anyone can apply to this program. Students without an associate’s degree would have to complete additional major elective and minor requirements in addition to the core classes. Minor courses may not be available online. Major elective coursework can be completed online.

How do I know which of my previous courses completed will be applied to this program? That depends on each student. We will do our best to accept as much of your previous coursework as we can. (For example, if you took Physics instead of Chemistry, we may be able to accept that as one of your science course. We can also accept a Political Science as your social science instead of Psychology.) This is also why we recommend students to have a pre-requisite evaluation of their coursework completed through professional admissions or meet with an advisor in SHRS. Pre-requisite coursework must have a grade of C- or higher.

Can I take a course on campus? Yes. However, this would change the fees associated with the program. Students who take just one class on campus will need to pay all main campus fees.

How long will the program take to complete? That is different for each student. It depends on how many credit hours they want to complete each semester, whether or not a student has an associate degree in applied science, if students are willing to go during the summer, how many GE’s they have left to complete, etc.

All courses are 100% online correct? All professional/major courses are 100% online. However, some students may need to complete science pre-reqs, GE’s, or minor courses that may not be available online. Please speak with your advisor regarding your coursework and what can/cannot be completed online.

When is the best time to apply? Students should apply to the program 1 semester before you plan to start the program. For example, if you want to start during the spring semester, you should fill out the application during the autumn semester. Students are eligible to apply while finishing any remaining pre-requisites during this time, as long as they are complete by the time you start the professional coursework.

How do I get more information? Contact the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences office of student services at 614-292-1706 or send us an email at


More information may be found on the Health Sciences page of the HRS website.