Pass/No Pass Autumn 2020

The information below outlines the autumn 2020 Pass/No Pass (PANP) policy for The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (HRS).  This policy is effective immediately and involves undergraduate HRS pre-major and major students, as well as Ohio State undergraduate students enrolled in a HRS course.

  1. The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences will accept PANP for General Education and elective courses.
  2. The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences will accept PANP for all HRS undergraduate prerequisites and co-requisites but are making the following statement: Taking prerequisite and co-requisites for any program in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences as PANP for autumn 2020 going forward may NEGATIVELY IMPACT AND potentially disqualify applicants from admission consideration in our programs, so students are highly encouraged to take all prerequisite, including co-requisites courses, for a letter grade.
  3. The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences will not accept PANP for any HRS undergraduate major (Athletic Training, Health Information Management and Systems, Health Sciences, Medical Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Science, Radiologic Sciences and Therapy and Respiratory Therapy), ANY minor coursework for the Health Sciences major (not just HRS specific minor courses), or HRS certificate (Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology) courses offered.

Undergraduate HRS students interested in pursuing graduate/professional education after graduation must check with the appropriate programs to determine their policy regarding PANP this semester.  Since Ohio State is one of the only institutions offering an expanded PANP option in autumn 2020, it is very likely that graduate/professional programs will be expecting to see letter grades for prerequisites courses taken in AU20.

At this time, HRS graduate programs (DPT, OTD, MDN, MAT) have not made a decision regarding the acceptance of PANP in autumn 2020 for prerequisite courses.  Since graduate program prerequisites often overlap with undergraduate degree requirements, it is HIGHLY recommended that any prerequisite course be taken as a letter grade.

HRS students interested in using PANP for the applicable course(s) must complete the appropriate petition by the deadline using the appropriate link.

Students will receive an email confirmation within 2-3 days once they submit the petition.  The email will go to the student’s OSU email and include course(s) selected for PANP.

Students will receive an email confirmation within a day from when the petition is processed by Registrar’s Office.

Other information students must consider before making a decision regarding PANP

  • Students cannot rescind their petition or add, remove or change a course once submitted
  • Grade Scheme
    • PA (Pass)=A-D
    • NP (No Pass)=E
  • Students are limited to 20 credits of PANP excluding spring 2020
  • Students must have a 2.0 or higher Ohio State cumulative GPA to use PANP, except new freshman and transfer students who will not have GPA until the end of autumn 2020 are still eligible to use PANP
  • HRS Honors students are permitted to select PANP, although it is not recommended
  • To be eligible for Dean’s List in autumn 2020, students must be registered for 12 or more credits with at least 9 regular, graded hours and a 3.5 term GPA
  • To be eligible for Latin Honors upon graduation in any semester, PA grades from autumn 2020 do not count towards the sixty credit hours requirement. Please note a NP grade is automatically not used to meet credit requirements in any case
  • Students must choose to use grade forgiveness or PANP in autumn 2020, but cannot use both
  • Each academic unit (program/department) will have their own policy regarding the use of PANP for their majors, minors, certificates and prerequisite courses
  • Other options in place of PANP:
    • Drop the course
    • Use Grade Forgiveness

The following student populations are advised to check with the appropriate offices/academic departments to determine if PANP is recommended or permitted:

  • Those receiving financial aid or scholarships
  • Those enrolled in ROTC
  • Athletes
  • Those considering campus change
  • Those considering pursuing graduate or professional programs