Candidates for a Baccalaureate Degree or Certificate of Study should review the information below before submitting their graduation application

  • A change in your graduating semester requires the completion of a new application.
  • Graduation candidates receive priority-level scheduling.
  • For any questions regarding graduation, contact
  • For more information regarding Commencement, speaker information, or where the current semester’s graduation ceremony will be held, visit the Commencement website.
  • To change your address, go to Buckeye Link and follow the appropriate links.

Graduation Application-click to apply!

Undergraduate Graduation Application and Information for degree and certificate programs

Health Sciences applications will be reviewed when received.  All other majors and certificates will be reviewed prior to the start of the next semester.  If the application is submitted in the same semester as the intended graduation, it will be reviewed when received.  Applicants will only be notified if there is an issue with the application or the status of the degree.

How to check the status of your submitted application-Status Check.

Graduation Checklist

Failure to complete all the items on this checklist may result in a delay in graduation.

  1. Apply to graduate by the deadline
    Be sure to read the entire graduation instructions. A change in your graduating term requires the completion of a new application. If a student is completing any required course outside of Ohio State during the semester/term of graduation, an HRS Graduation Residency Requirement Petition must be completed.
  2. Check Ohio State Email account regularly
    The HRS Office of Academic Affairs will send important information directly to students’ Ohio State email accounts (not buckeyemail) during the term of graduation. Students must have an active Ohio State email account. For students who primarily use buckeyemail, you must link your and accounts. Follow these steps to ensure that you are receiving important emails sent to both accounts.
  3. Graduation Email
    Students will receive a graduation email during the term of graduation. The email will contain important information and instructions regarding Commencement.
  4. Run a Degree Audit
    After a student has registered for classes during their graduation term, they should run a Degree Audit Report from the “Grades and Advising” tab on Buckeye Link. During the term of graduation, all sections of the Degree Audit Report should be highlighted in green/blue, showing “completed” and “in progress” coursework. Any sections highlighted in red should be brought to an advisor’s attention immediately.
  5. Review Commencement Ceremony Information
    All information about Commencement (graduation attire, parking, rehearsal) can be found on the commencement website. Review the information on this website as it becomes available.
  6. If not attending Commencement Ceremony, fill out the Absence Form
    Students not attending the commencement ceremony, are required to submit the Commencement Ceremony Absence Form and submit it to
  7. Notify each instructor that you are a graduating senior
    The deadline for final grade posting is earlier for graduating seniors than for other students. Make sure that your instructors in your final term know that you are graduating, so they will meet the grade deadline.
  8. Complete your HRS Senior Survey if you are graduating from the Health Sciences program
  9. Fill out the University Exit Survey when you receive it from the University
  10. Want to take classes at Ohio State after you graduate?
    1. Click here to review the Office of Extended Education for instructions on taking classes after you graduate.
  11.  Manage Your Tech After Graduation
    1. Click here to learn how to manage your tech after graduation
  12.  Need your Diploma Reprinted?
    1. Click here to learn how