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Volunteering and Community Service is an important part of preparing a competitive major application, as well as an important part of career and graduate study preparation.  HRS faculty and staff want to see that students are enthusiastic about their intended majors and have been proactive in finding ways to be involved in the field.  Beyond that, employers expect that students will graduate with a host of relevant skills that can be learned just as easily from volunteering as from paid experiences.

Listed on this page are several options for being involved in community service and volunteering on campus. 

  1. Find a student group to volunteer with.
  2. Volunteering at the Wexner Medical Center and The James Cancer Hospital.
  3. Service learning courses provide structured experiences for “student reflection and connection of the service experience to learning”.

Don’t forget about the other hospitals around the Columbus area for volunteering:

  1. Mount Carmel
  2. Riverside Methodist Hospital
  3. Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Don’t have a car? Check out the COTA bus line! The long-standing partnership between OSU and COTA allows OSU students unlimited access to any and all COTA lines using their valid BuckID (as long as they are enrolled in courses).

Consider linking your interest in one of our majors with a community partner: