Health Sciences Direct Admit FAQ


Q: If I am enrolled in Honors or Scholars and I am a Health Sciences pre-major, am I eligible for Health Sciences Direct Admission?

A: Yes. You must choose Health Sciences as your major. Participation in Honors or Scholars is the only qualification at this time for first term direct admission into the Health Sciences program. After the first term at OSU all students must have a 3.0 GPA and be part of Honors or Scholars in order to be directly admitted.

Q: I am a current student at OSU and part of scholars. Can I be directly admitted?

A: If you have a 3.0 GPA and are part of Honors or Scholars you can be directly admitted into the major.

Q: What if I am undecided on my major but would like to be in SHRS and part of the direct admit program?

A: You must declare Health Sciences as your major in order to participate. Other undergraduate pre-majors such as Medical Laboratory Science or Athletic Training are not part of this initiative. All other majors within SHRS will have a separate application process.

Q: What if I am admitted into Health Sciences as a direct admit but decide to change my major?

A: Just as you would any other time, you would declare a new pre-major with your academic advisor. Many majors on campus and all other majors within SHRS do not have a direct admit process. In this instance, you would follow the normal steps in applying to that major. See a pre-major advisor in your intended major for further information.

Q: What happens to my admission into the program if my GPA drops and I am ineligible for honors or scholars?

A: Once you are admitted to the Health Sciences program, you are in the program even if you are no longer eligible for honors or scholars. However, your GPA must remain above a 2.2 in order to stay in the program and achieve a C- or higher in all pre-requisite coursework.

Q: What happens if my GPA falls below a 2.2?

A: If your cumulative GPA falls below a 2.2 you will be changed to a pre-health sciences student. (First year students have until the end of their first year to pull their GPA above a 2.2 before changing to pre-health sciences.) Once you are considered pre-health sciences, you must achieve a 3.0 cumulative GPA and still be Honors or Scholars eligible in order to be directly admitted again. If you do not meet these requirements you must follow the traditional application and admissions process.

Any student using the SHRS petition process, grade forgiveness, or other university sponsored academic exception will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Q: Will I be able to complete the Health Sciences major in less than 4 years because I am admitted directly?

A: Probably not. Students will still follow a typical 4 year schedule and begin the Health Sciences coursework during their 3rd year. Students should work with the Health Sciences Program Manager, Christie Lukegord, to discuss their schedule on an individual basis.

Q: What happens if I do not complete the pre-requisite coursework with a C- or higher even though I have been directly admitted?

A: Your admission into this program will be revoked and you will be moved to a pre-health sciences student. You will not be disenrolled from the school or the university, just from the Health Sciences program.

Q: What are the pre-requisites that I must complete during my first two years at OSU to stay in the program?

A: Students must complete the following courses with a C- or higher before they start the professional program:

  • Math 1148 or higher
  • Any 3 sciences from the list below, one of which should include a lab (it is up to the student to be proactive in identifying graduate programs of interest so that they can schedule the 3 science courses accordingly):
    • Chem 1110
    • Chem 1210
    • Chem 1220
    • Bio 1101
    • Bio 1102
    • Bio 1110
    • Biology 1113
    • Bio 1114
    • Humntr 2210
    • Micro 4000
    • Physics 1200
    • Physics 1201
  • Anatomy 2300/3300
  • EEOB 2520

Program co-requisites or equivalents must be completed before graduation:

  • Psychology 1100
  • Statistics 1350.01/1450.01
  • HTHRHSC 2500/Classics 2010
  • Sociology 1101

Q: What if I have a high GPA but I am not participating in honors or scholars, can I still participate?

A: Unfortunately, no. Only students who are honors or scholars are eligible to participate at this time.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions?

A: For more information please contact:  Christie Lukegord, Health Sciences Program Manager

Phone: 614-292-1706