Application Guidelines: Applying to an SHRS Major

Graduate and Professional Admissions has created some videos to assist you with different parts of the application, here is a link to their YouTube Channel.

Getting Started

The online application can be found at (Internet Explorer is preferred)

You will select “Find Your Program”, search for your major, and click the “Apply” Tab.

Current OSU students will log in using their OSU last name.# and password. Be sure to select “Undergraduate Professional” and then type in your major in the Academic Program/Plan box.

Once you are in the application, there are several different tabs:

Save your information often – you can always go back and make changes before you submit


Academic Data Tab

Have you earned any university credits outside of OSU?

  • If yes, you will need to send updated transcripts directly to Graduate & Professional (G&P) Admissions. You can request that they be electronically sent to (preferred) , or you can physically mail them to:

The Ohio State University Imaging Center

Graduate/Professional Admissions

281 W. Lane Ave

Columbus, OH 43210

  • If you are taking classes over the summer, you will want to have an official transcript sent to G&P Admissions once a grade is earned


You do not need to attach an OSU Advising Report to your application

Leave the TOEFL/IELTS section blank unless you have taken those tests


Course Data Tab

This is where you will list all of the pre-requisite courses for your intended major. See example below

  • For classes still in progress or yet to be taken, leave the grade blank and estimate the completion date
  • If you earned credit through an AP exam – list the course how it appears on your OSU Advising Report, the name of institution you can put OSU and for grade earned you will put “EM”
  • For any transfer credit earned, you will put “K” as your grade to indicate transfer credit

Program Data Tab

  • List any clubs/organizations/volunteer opportunities/observation experiences/student or community leadership that you are involved with even if it isn’t health care related
  • We suggest listing your involvement as resume style (with bullet points) because there is a character limit
  • Be sure to highlight transferable skills

Employment does not have to be health care related.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement is your chance to show off your writing skills, interest in the program, knowledge of the program/profession, and anything you are actively involved in that makes you a strong candidate.

  • Proofread and have at least one other person review your statement
    • The Writing Center offers in-person, online, or walk-in consultations for personal statements (located in Smith Lab).
  • Quality is more important than quantity (300 word limit or 1500 characters)
  • Refer to your specific observation experiences and what you learned – give examples
  • Everyone likes to “help people”; try to focus on specifics for why you are interested in the program/profession

General Guidelines

Observation hours are required for Radiologic Sciences & Therapy – 8 hours per specialty to which you want to apply

Consider applying to more than 1 program (this may require a separate application):

  • For the Med Lab Sci/Rad Sci majors there are different tracks. Students will only be able to submit one application but they can be considered for more than 1 track.
  • If applying to more than 1 program, tailor your personal statement specific to each major
  • It will not hurt your chances to apply to more than 1 program

You have applied, now what?

You should receive a confirmation email from G&P Admissions saying that your application was received. This is an automated email that takes about a day or two for processing. You can also confirm that your application was received via your Buckeyelink account by checking on your application status – this is also where you will be able to accept/deny your admission.

Check the pre-major weekly email for any interview workshops

  • All programs interview except Health Sciences and Medical Laboratory Science

Keep a journal of any observation hours so you can reference it in an interview and provide specific examples of what you learned

University policy states students must be notified of their admission decision through an official method. Please check your OSU email regularly for an official email from Graduate and Professional Admissions, or check your Applicant Center for your application status. Advisors and Admissions Coordinators are not able to share the admissions decision.