On-Campus Resources

Campus dining options and nutrition can be reviewed here.

Housing information about residence halls and learning communities as well as other links to things like service requests.  HRS coordinates OSU’s Future Health Professionals Learning Community in Park-Stradley Hall.

  • Students in learning communities have the ability to live with other students who share their interests and passions, and frequently share similar courses.
  • Information about OSU’s ground-breaking STEP program for second year students.  STEP will allow students the opportunity to engage in activities that cater to their individual interests and needs through interaction with faculty, students will be able to develop tools for life and build essential network connections. By fulfilling the program requirements, students will be eligible to receive a fellowship of up to $2,000 to use towards a project they might otherwise not be able to do.

Visit the Student Wellness Center or get involved in Rec Sports to stay healthy and meet new friends!

Health and Wellness Resource Guide

The online Health and Wellness Resource Guide is a search tool designed to help navigate the vast number of support services available to our student community. It can often be challenging to know where to turn for support but by utilizing the search engine students can quickly narrow down resources to best fit their need and staff and faculty can quickly identify support resources for a student in need. You can browse the many health and wellness related resources listed alphabetically or you can use the search features by selecting a specific criteria within the 10 Dimensions of Wellness; audience type; campus location; or by specific categories such as Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion or Emergency Response. This tool is for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and lists the many resources available on all campuses. Check out the tool today by visiting: go.osu.edu/wellnessguide

AOD Bookings Form

Our Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) team has created a referral page to better connect students to Alcohol and Other Drug support resources. The initial purpose of this referral tree is so that anyone meeting with a student can pull up this page and directly schedule a student for a 1:1 meeting with a dedicated AOD team member for a mini consultation to learn more about their goals or interests in the AOD space. Both virtual and in-person meetings are available. Students can expect initial meetings to be an opportunity for us to introduce them to the various resources we have that may be helpful based on their goals. This could be anything from basic AOD education, harm reduction, moderation management, recovery meetings, or supportive peer groups in regards to alcohol and other drugs, as well as connections to other wellness resources as needed. All services are free, educational and supportive resources for students to get connected and make positive changes in their life. Staff, faculty, and students can make a referral (or schedule an appointment for themselves) by visiting go.osu.edu/ScheduleAOD. For additional information or if you have questions about this resources please email Mackenzie Hogan, hogan.180@osu.edu

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