Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to speak with an advisor in the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. How do I make an appointment?

Current HRS students may schedule an appointment with an advisor by calling the Student Services Office at 614-292-1706.

If you are a current OSU student interested in one of the 7 undergraduate programs in the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, you are required to complete an online Major Information Session and complete an online quiz through Carmen prior to meeting with an advisor. Click here to access the online Major Information Session.

How do I add myself to the waitlist for a class that is already full?

Please click here for instructions on how to add yourself to the waitlist.

I am interested in multiple majors within the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. Can I apply to more than one major?

Yes, as long as you schedule to take the appropriate pre-requisites, you may apply to more than one program. In fact, it is highly encouraged to have a back-up plan.

What is the “best” major for Med School or any graduate school program?

We get this question A LOT and we always have the same response. “there is no best major for graduate school!” Grad schools do not care what your undergraduate major is. What they do care about is students having a high GPA, completing their grad school pre-requisites, and completing the appropriate Graduate & Professional School Exams (GRE, MCAT, LSAT etc.).

While SHRS majors have a lot of overlap with many grad school program pre-requisites, they may not be the “best” major for a particular student; because graduate admissions are so competitive, students should select a major based on their interests and abilities.

Where do I go to order an official OSU transcript?

All transcript orders are placed online through the University Registrar. Click on your appropriate status and proceed through the ordering process.

Where should I send my transcripts from other Post-Secondary institutions?

Please mail your transcripts to:

The Ohio State University

Undergraduate Admissions

281 West Lane Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210

What do I do if I took particular courses from another Post-Secondary institution but the credits didn’t transfer? (Ex. General, Special or Technical credit)

You will need to consult with the specific department about each course. For example: If you took a Chemistry course, but it transferred over as “General Credit” you will want to contact the Chemistry department. Please refer to the website below to determine who to contact and what appropriate documents must be provided for them to make the determination if the course you took will transfer as a direct equivalent. Click here to review the Important Information about your Transfer Credit Report and to find the Department Contact Information by the University Registrar.

How do I find out which pre-requisites are required for my intended major?

Click here to refer to our website to view the most up to date curriculum guides. The curriculum guide will also list admission and application procedures, the deadline to apply to the intended major, the degree requirements, pre-requisites, and contact information.

You may also run a degree audit for your proposed major.

Do SHRS majors look at Grade Forgiveness?

HRS majors follow all of OSU’s policies in regards to grade forgiveness, fresh start, etc.  Students who have concerns about their competitiveness as applicants to their intended major are encouraged to make an appointment with an advisor.

Do SHRS’s program require a minor? When should I declare a minor?

Only the Health Sciences program requires a minor which can be chosen from many different areas unique to you. OSU has over 100 minors to choose from – click here to view the list of potential minors.

Students generally declare a minor during their sophomore year. This will allow students the opportunity to explore the minors that are available to them and will give them plenty of time to finish the requirements. Although sophomore year is generally the norm for when students declare the minor, there are some cases where they declare the minor during their first year or during their third year, it varies for every student.

Click here for a list of popular minors for students with specific career plans.

I am interested in picking up a 2nd session course, how do I search to see what courses are available?

There are always 2nd session courses that students are able to enroll in. These courses are good to consider for students that need to be full-time for a particular semester and if they are looking to drop one of their current classes. Just be sure to check and see that the pre-requisites are met to take the course and that it doesn’t conflict with any other classes. Click here for step by step instructions on how to search for a 2nd session course.

How can I learn more about the Direct Admission option in Health Sciences?

Only the Health Sciences offers a direct admission option. Participation in Honors or Scholars is the only qualification at this time for first term direct admission into the Health Sciences program. After the first term at OSU all students must have a 3.0 GPA and be part of Honors or Scholars in order to be directly admitted.  Please visit the Health Sciences Direct Admission page to learn more about this option.

I am thinking of switching my major to something outside of the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. How do I officially change my major?

Some colleges, schools, or departments require a major information session prior to declaring the major, and others may require you to take a certain number of courses and/or meet certain grades or GPA requirements before being admitted to the major. It is important to find out what the major requires in order to begin and remain on your timeline for completing your degree. Find out what would be required to declare yourself major.


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