Student Forms

Course Add Request & Petition – students may submit this form for any course add requiring instructor permission.  Typically due by the 2nd Friday of the term.

Drop Request & Supplement – students may submit this form (front and back) to drop a course.  All students must submit this form by the 10th Friday of the term to drop with a “W”.  Please remember: a “W” has no GPA impact.

  • Since the form says “Course Enrollment Permission” across the top, be sure to check the “Drop the Course” box on the bottom right side of the form and include the last date you attended the class
  • Instructor signature is not needed to drop a course
  • Click here to see an example of how you should fill out the form

Consortium Agreement Form – students may submit this form to have a portion of their OSU financial aid applied to courses taken at another university; limit of three agreements per academic career (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Course Exception Request – students may submit a petition to request a course waiver (pre-requisite course, major course or a General Education category to be met by a previous credit from another institution) or to have one course substituted for another (for example- Statistics 2480 in place of 1450). See the attached document for items that you will need to submit to your advisor to support your petition.

HRS Minor Declaration Form –  students or advisors may submit this form to have a minor added to their academic plan. If the minor you are pursuing requires approval within the unit offering the minor, you will need to meet with one of their advisors for declaration.

Graduation Application – students may submit this online form when they are ready to graduate.  Due by the 2nd Friday of the term PRIOR to the term in which they desire to graduate.

Grade Forgiveness Petition – students can petition to retake a course at OSU for a better grade.  The old grade remains on the student’s transcript but is removed from the GPA.  All HRS majors accept grade forgiveness.  Students should keep in mind that grade forgiveness is an OSU Undergraduate policy only; graduate programs may not accept forgiveness (please contact the graduate program of interest to ask about their policies). 

For a traditional semester course (14 weeks), the online petition is due by the 10th Friday of the term that you would be re-taking the course and can be found under forms on the Registrar’s website.

Coursework taken outside of The Ohio State University, including EM and transfer credit, is not counted as an attempt for the purposes of the grade forgiveness rule. Once the rule is invoked, the second grade will be used to replace the first, even if the second grade earned is lower. Students who passed the course the first time and fail it the second, will lose credit for the course. Both courses remain on the academic record.”

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act – students can grant parents, guardians or other designees information releases so that their educational records can be discussed via buckeyelink.

Residency Petition – (New for Spring 2017 and beyond)

Per Ohio State Faculty Rules, graduating undergraduate students must be enrolled in the college or the school (SHRS) from which they will receive their degree.  The SHRS Director of Academic Affairs may, on petition by the student, waive this requirement.  Each student’s reasoning for the exception is weighed against University policy.   If you are taking a course, such as a prerequisite, GE, major or minor requirement etc. (a course you want on your Ohio State transcript prior to graduation) NOT at Ohio State during the semester you plan to graduate, you must complete the  form and required documentation by the stated deadline on the form.

Over 18 Credit Hour PetitionFor students that want to take more than 18 credit hours for a certain semester, please complete this document and return it to 206 Atwell Hall or email it to your advisor.

Other Helpful Resources/Documents