Marketing Lessons from the 2017 Super Bowl – With applications for Direct Food & Ag Marketing Businesses

Super Bowl LI was one for the record books. More interesting for us, though, is the commercials! They were a snapshot of what is happening in marketing and showed us signs of the hot trends in marketing for 2017. Each year, our team watches with a keen eye to see what collective trends develop, how far marketers are willing to think outside of their brand, and how these trends can be used with food and agriculture direct marketing.

As you review our analysis of the trends, consider these questions in regards to your business:
• How does this relate to your business and your brand?
• How can you use these trends to update your online presence (webpage, social media, etc)?
• What trends can you take advantage of and how can you make a plan for promotions?

Read our entire analysis and get ideas for your 2017 marketing plan in this document: Marketing Trends We Saw in Super Bowl Ads 2017-1a2hq38

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