Winter in Columbus

Picture this: a fresh, crisp blanket of snow covers the ground under your feet as you walk to class, and you hear your boots crunch over the snow as you take each subsequent step. Snow is sprinkling over you as you are sipping on some hot coffee to perk you up on this chilly morning. The campus is quiet and serene, as if it’s just waking up for the day. This may seem like an extreme cliche, but I absolutely love winter, and I especially love winter in Columbus.

Albeit, there can sometimes be a negative vibe associated with the winter season as finals and end-of-semester project deadlines seem to sneak up out of nowhere. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of studying for final exams, there are so many activities to take part in for those well deserved study breaks.

Every year in November, the College of Pharmacy hosts its Annual Chili Cook-Off, a charity event where proceeds benefit the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio. (Plug: Charitable Pharmacy is a wonderful place to get your community service hours, and students will often complete rotations and residencies there!) Student organizations, alumni and faculty bring crockpots full of their best chili recipes to battle it out and see whose is best. There are also fantastic items available at the silent auction – this year one of the items were two tickets to a home OSU game with pretty phenomenal seats!

Being from Toledo, one of my favorite holiday traditions was going to the Toledo Zoo with my family to see the Lights Before Christmas. It is very similar to Wild Lights, the wonderful light display at the Columbus Zoo! Last year, after our first semester of classes, a few pharmacy friends and I bundled up and went to the Columbus Zoo to see the lights and celebrate the end of finals week. It was fun to walk around, hot coffee in hand, and look at the twinkling lights draped against the darkness of the night sky (and relax)!

One of my favorite hobbies is to curl up with a good book, and it  seems that winter is no better time to get lost in a novel. With hundreds of books scattered around my apartment, I still can’t help but to acquire more – most notably from The Book Loft, located in German Village. It is one of the most unique places I have ever been, where every nook and cranny of the building is hiding books of every genre and interest. (They have great sales and discounts, too, which is definitely a plus!) It’s a great place to spend an afternoon perusing the shelves and finding a text that captures your attention.

Columbus has so many terrific restaurants and different types of cuisine; there is no doubt that you can find warm, delicious comfort food! A few of my favorite places are Mozart’s Cafe, Katalina’s, Schmidt’s, Press Grill, Hyde Park, Forno, AAB and Sweet Carrot. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there are options for everyone!

As final exams draw near, stop to enjoy some of the wonderful things that Columbus has to offer! You won’t be disappointed!

Finals Week @ The College of Pharmacy!

It’s early December, and you know what that means…. Finals Week!! All across campus, students are preparing for exams before enjoying a well-deserved break. As lectures wind down, finals week activities are ramping up! The University and the College of Pharmacy are hosting a variety of events to ensure students finish the semester strong. Here’s a glimpse at a few:

  1. Extended library hours: all across campus libraries are opening earlier and closing later!
    1. Did you know we have our own pharmacy library in addition to the health sciences library shared with our other Colleges?
  2. Reading Day: Reading Day takes place between the last day of lecture and the first day of finals week. It’s scheduled time by the University for students to study, prepare, and recharge before the final push to the end of the year. From sun-up to sun-down, there are a variety of things taking place this day to aid in student studying like…
    1. Free Breakfast at the Ohio Union – eggs and bacon! YUM!
    2. Special Group Fitness Classes at the campus rec center, the RPAC
    3. Therapy dogs in libraries across campus
    4. Mindfulness sessions with Counseling and Consultation Services
    5. Rejuvenation sessions with folks from Aveda Hair Salon and Spa
  3. End-of-The-Year Celebrations
    1. Healthy Potluck by the College of Pharmacy Wellness Ambassadors
    2. Yoga with the Student National Pharmacists Association (SNPhA)
    3. Annual College of Pharmacy canned food drive
    4. Cookie decorating social with the American society of Consulting Pharmacists (ASCP)
    5. And more!

As you can see, Finals Week is pretty busy for pharmacy students here at OSU, but it’s not all about the books! This is actually one of my favorite weeks of the year because we have no lecture to attend, only a handful of exams to study for, and there are opportunities to take fun study breaks in a variety of ways!

Best of luck to everyone studying for exams! Enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!


Top 5 Under-rated Resources at Ohio State

Hi everyone!

This week I wanted to take the opportunity to go over resources that are available to you as an Ohio State student! Being a pharmacy student at Ohio State means that you get the small close-knit community of the College but also all of the resources of large institution! Here are my top five underrated resources offered by Ohio State!

5. Dtix: Dtix provides students with discounted (and sometimes free!) tickets and restaurant gift cards to places around Columbus. Some examples include gift cards to Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and Jenis, Blue Jackets and Columbus Crew tickets, BalletMet tickets, concert tickets, passes to Cedar Point and more! It’s a great way to get out, have fun and explore Columbus, while still being budget friendly.

4. Inter-professional Networking: Ohio State has just about every professional school you can imagine; from Pharmacy, to Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, a graduate program in Social Work, and many more. These are your future colleagues, and learning with and from them during school, and the unique role each plays in patient care is a wonderful benefit. In addition to our curriculum which incorporates several inter-professional experiences and collaborative events each semester, Interprofessional Council (IPC) hosts events and socials for students to get to know one another and have fun outside of the classroom.

3. The Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital (and more): Ohio State is attached to a large, comprehensive research medical center and has close ties to one of the top 10 Children’s Hospitals in the country. As a student, you’ll have access to these medical centers, and the opportunity to hear from experts at them, and learn from them hands-on in the classroom and on rotations (that are quite literally right across the street). This is a resource that very few other schools have the privilege of, it provides you with exposure to a variety of areas of pharmacy and unique learning opportunities to help you succeed in the future.  Additionally, Columbus has the OhioHealth and Mount Carmel networks of hospitals, which also provide unique rotational experiences, content experts and a plethora of internships.

2. RPAC/Rec Sports:  The RPAC is a state of the art facility that includes a large weight area, several cardio areas, a track, basketball and racquetball courts, and provides a full schedule of free group fitness classes. There are several other gyms on campus (the ARC for example has rock climbing), as well as soccer fields and tennis courts, that are also great resources for students. In addition, Ohio State offers many intramural sports for students looking to get involved that way. One of my favorite ways to meet classmates and other professional students has been through intramurals—even if sports aren’t your thing, it is always fun to have classmates come to the games and cheer us on (my roommate has been known to bring Capri-Suns as post game snacks for our soccer team).

 1. Buckeye Football Tickets:  As a student you get discounted football tickets! While football may not be everyone’s favorite past time, at Ohio State it is so much more than just a sport. Buckeye football brings together people of all ages and provides a sense of community and pride unlike anything you will ever experience. Everyone should have the privilege of experiencing the comradery, excitement, and school spirit that is a football Saturday in Columbus; from Tailgates to the Skull session (the band performs and team walks through) to the game itself, and Ohio State affords students that opportunity.

All the best,

Cassie Rush

Why I chose OSU.

Hey there!

We’d like to welcome you to our family here at the College of Pharmacy. We truly are a family and we are very excited that you will be joining us in the upcoming months here, in Columbus Ohio.
I’d like to share with you some of the reasons why I chose to pursue my professional education here at The Ohio State University and my experience at OSU thus far. Being a native of Cincinnati Ohio, I wanted to be close to my family yet still experience a new environment; This is a sentiment which may be shared by some of you. Whether OSU is somewhat close to home or far from home, there is definitely a place for you here.
There are many reasons why I decided to come to OSU for my pharmacy education such as its ranking amongst the top 10 pharmacy schools in the US as well as its proximity to my family. Over the past 3 years, I have not only grown in my clinical knowledge, but I have also grown professionally through my involvement in different professional organizations. There are over 20 student organizations here at the college of pharmacy which offer different ways of preparing students for a career as a pharmacist through mentorship, professional development as well as community health service opportunities.
Over the past 2 years, I have seen many improvements at the college including an increase in the number of women in executive position in college leadership as well as an increase in the number of African American and other diverse members of the college faculty and staff. Last year, a student-led initiative resulted in the creation of “SPADE” (Student Pharmacist Association for Diversity and Equity). Each year, SPADE hosts an annual diversity week. During this week, programs are held to highlight matters relating to diversity in patient care and professionalism.
Overall, my experiences at The Ohio State College of Pharmacy have been nothing short of extraordinary. Clinically, I have been challenged and well taught in preparation for pharmacy practice and patient care. I have built friendships and relationships that I foresee lasting a lifetime. Pharmacy is a small world and OSU is a great place to begin.

Here’s to great new beginnings!

Best regards,
Nana Entsuah
Class of 2019
Diversity Ambassador Coordinator

Spicing Up the Mortar and Pestle



Since I’m a bit new here to the blog I want to introduce myself. My name is Chelsea Bargo and I am one of the new Ambassador Coordinators for the 2017-2018 school year. I am currently in my third year but my journey in Columbus started about 10 years ago. I graduated high school from a small country school about 30 miles east of Columbus. I then found myself attending Auburn University for my undergraduate studies before eventually making my way back to Columbus and Ohio State. I hope that I have the opportunity to meet you at an interview day and tell you more about my journey and why I chose to come to Ohio State for pharmacy school. But for now, I want to tell you a little bit more about one of the largest events at the college, the Chili Cook-off.


For the past 20 years the college has been adding a little more spice to the mortar and pestle by hosting a competitive event for a good cause. Each organization within the college is encouraged to make a team and show off their culinary creativity by crafting a batch of chili and theme. What’s even better is that there are teams outside the college who come together to support the Chili Cook-off. I even ran in to an old high school friend that I hadn’t seen in years while he was helping his girlfriend, a nurse practitioner student, man her booth. This year some of the standout teams and themes were Phi Delta Chi’s Stranger Beans, SNPhA’s Chili with a Chance of Meatballs, the College of Pharmacy Residents’ Spice Jam, Kappa Psi’s The Chilionaires, Kappa Psi Pledges’ Beano 911, and a friend of mine’s Chili Joel to name a few. As always, the chilis this year were fantastic and featured some out of the box ingredients like ale, bleu cheese, exotic latin spices, pork, meatballs, and coffee. I unfortunately was unable to make myself try the approximately 30 chilis at this year’s cook-off but each one of them I did get to was absolutely delicious.


A panel of judges made up of students, professors, deans, and faculty was miraculously able to make it around to each chili to help decide which chilis were better than the rest.  Plus, each year there is always a people’s choice award for the crowd’s favorite chili. Here’s a list of this year’s winners:

  • Healthiest Chili—CPNP
  • Charitable Pharmacy Award—Spice Jam
  • College of Pharmacy Dean’s Choice—P1 Class of 2021
  • Spicy Chili Award—P1 Class of 2021
  • Mild Chili Award—Devin’s Grand Slam Chili
  • Vegetarian Chili Award—CPNP
  • Students’ Choice Award—P1 Class of 2021
  • Rusty Bucket Award—Devin’s Grand Slam Chili
  • Alumni Award—Bean There, Done That!
  • Nursing Award—Spice Jam
  • Best Table Award—Brenny’s Best Chili
  • Most Philanthropic Award—Bean There, Done That!
  • People’s Choice Award—The Chilionaires

Congrats to all the winners!!


The most important thing about this event is not all of the fun and creativity that goes in to creating a chili but in how much money is raised for a charity here in Central Ohio. This year, the beneficiary of the event was The Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio, a cause that is very near and dear to many people within the college. The Charitable Pharmacy is a gem located on Livingston Avenue that serves the underserved here in Franklin County and linking them to life saving medications and pharmacy services. As a student, I have had the great pleasure to volunteer at Charitable and serve my community through filling prescriptions. While the final donation tally is still being totaled we do know that the silent auction brought in $1,000. What is even more impressive is that The Charitable Pharmacy is able to turn that in to over $7,000 worth of prescription medications!


Unfortunately, the Chili Cook-Off is only one night each year but it is always a memorable one. I love that our college and the community comes together for a night of fun and charity. If you’re ever in town during the fall semester look to see if it’s the same weekend of the Chili Cook-Off! I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Until next time,


Student Government – IPC

Over the past few years I have become involved in several student organizations but my involvement in Inter-Professional Council (IPC) has encouraged me to seek different leadership opportunities. Unlike many of the other student organizations, all pharmacy students are a part of IPC because it is the student government representing the six professional colleges on campus: Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.  Each college elects 5 Senators, 1 Justice, and 1 Alternate to serve as IPC representatives.  I was nominated and elected in the spring of my P1 year but actually entered office in the fall of my P2 year.  As a Senator, I attend monthly IPC and biweekly university committee meetings at which I represent the College of Pharmacy and Inter-Professional Council respectively.  Through these meetings and responsibilities I have the opportunity to voice any concerns regarding IPC constituents as well as discuss changes occurring on a university level.

IPC hosts many events throughout the academic year such as Health Professionals Summit and Professional Development Fund.  The Health Professionals Summit is an annual event which invites speakers to present on specific topics influencing healthcare and the Professional Development Fund offers financial reimbursement for students to attend professional conferences or activities.  This year I am serving as IPC Service Committee Chair and organize our annual charity sports events.  In October we held our 10th Annual Charity Soccer Tournament and raised funds to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico through UNICEF. Excitingly, one of the pharmacy student teams walked away with the trophy this year, GO PHARMACY!!!! IPC also hosts several social events to encourage all inter-professional students to interact and have fun with activities such as laser tag or bowling.  Thanks to IPC, I have been able to meet and work with other professional students.

I never imagined I would be so involved in student government, however, IPC has been such a unique and great experience.  Through my positions in IPC, I continue to build skills and relationships every day.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any specific questions about student government or IPC.



“My Internship at Mount Carmel West”

Hi All! One of our new Ambassador Coordinators, Ashley Erdmann has a blog post for you today.  Please enjoy this post on her behalf about her hospital internship.

My Internship at Mount Carmel West

One of the greatest components of being a pharmacy student at The Ohio State University are the tremendous internship opportunities around Columbus. It seems that no matter what you are interested in, there is a perfect internship for you!

Before I started my P1 year, I had worked as a technician in a community pharmacy for over six years. I loved working in a community setting, where I got to know our patients and talk to them about not only their medications, but their lives as well. The profession of pharmacy has a large humanistic component associate with it, which is something I have always admired. However, I knew that I wanted to branch out and experience other facets of pharmacy, for I knew that it would help me become a more well-rounded professional. I decided that I wanted to obtain a hospital internship, as I am interested in residency, but had no prior hospital experience! And so, the search for internships began!

I started my internship at Mount Carmel West Hospital this past June, and since then, I have been able to perfect my aseptic technique and I have been trained in IV preparations as well as chemotherapy preparations. This has been especially useful, since I was able to get exposure in sterile compounding before we started it in P2 lab this year!

My assigned preceptor is one of  best parts of my internship. She is an OSU PharmD graduate and is a fantastic pharmacist! Whenever we work together, she quizzes me on diseases, therapy options, interactions, and contraindications. She uniquely parallels the material we are learning in class with real-life examples and discussions. I have been fortunate enough to follow her to the Emergency Department when traumas arrive in the trauma bay, to witness her calmly assist the healthcare team, dose and prepare life saving medications in a tense and chaotic environment. These experiences have helped solidify my interest in working as a hospital pharmacist, and I am now leaning toward finding an emergency medicine rotation.

In addition, as a part of my internship, I have created drug monographs to be distributed around the hospital. This activity is an especially important educational component for the nursing team! It gives them a concise but necessary amount of information on common formulary drugs distributed in the hospital.

I have been able to immerse myself in a completely new pharmacy setting which has helped me find my passion. The opportunities for pharmacy students in Columbus are endless. I am excited to develop my skills as an intern and to take on more projects. If you have any questions about internships or working for Mount Carmel, please let me know!


Research at The College of Pharmacy!

Given that The Ohio State University is a world-renowned research institution, it is no surprise that cutting edge research is being led by hundreds of researchers at both the Wexner Medical Center and our very own College of Pharmacy.

Before I started pharmacy school, my definition of research was fairly narrow.  I thought research was limited to laboratory experiments and expensive equipment.  While we do have many of these types of opportunities, the College of Pharmacy has faculty working on pharmacy practice research projects as well.  These projects tend to focus on how pharmacists provide care, clinical outcomes relating to pharmacists’ interventions, or some other aspect of patient care.

To provide you with some examples, I’ll tell you a little more about two of the projects I’m working on.

At the College, I’m working on a project with Dr. Alexa Valentino.  Dr. Valentino is faculty at the College, and in addition to teaching, she practices at a Federally-Qualified Health Center (FQHC) here in Columbus.  FQHCs are primary care clinics that provide a wide range of services to under-insured or uninsured patients.  Our project is a survey-based assessment of clinical quality measures at FQHCs.  We are hoping to assess the relationship between having clinical pharmacy services as a part of the FQHC practice and a variety of clinical outcomes.  In other words, we’re curious if having a pharmacist on site to educate and counsel COPD patients on proper inhaler use improves disease management in these patients.  COPD is just one example of a clinical outcome that we are assessing; we’re actually taking a look at quite a few more!

Another project of mine is with an internal medicine pharmacist at the Wexner Medical Center.  We’ve designed a project that will assess the opioid prescribing habits of internal medicine practitioners three months before and three months after the state recommendations for prescribing opioids were updated in Ohio.  We’re hoping to use this data to look at the impact of these recommendations and to possibly inform future prescribing policies within the hospital.

The opportunity to get involved with the writing of the project proposal and data collection has been really rewarding, and I’m very excited to see what’s to come in terms of potential project posters presentations, and publications.  If you have any questions about research, please let me know!


Experiencing Autumn in Columbus!

Please enjoy this blog post from our new Ambassador Coordinator, Cassie Rush!


“Hi Everyone!

I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite time of the year! From the leaves changing colors, to the cooler air and sweater weather, and of course football season, fall is a great time; and fall in Columbus is no different. So, what are some fun, fall activities in Columbus?

Enjoy the fall foliage on a hike! Columbus is littered with Metro parks that you can explore, Hocking Hills (one of Ohio’s state parks) is an hour south and full and trails to explore, or you can take a walk around campus—the Oval is located at the heart of campus and is littered with tree and green spaces to study or nap on!

Apple Picking! Lynd’s fruit farm is a Columbus favorite. They have over 80 acres to explore and allow you to pick your apples on the weekends! They also have a corn maze and market to explore and pick up some extra fall goodies at.

Circleville Pumpkin Show: While Columbus has tons of wonderful festivals that occur year-round, Circleville’s Pumpkin Show is definitely a fall experience. From the “largest pumpkin” growing contest, to all the pumpkin baked goods you could imagine and live entertainment, you really can’t go wrong.

Ohio State Football Games: Columbus, Ohio on a football Saturday is truly magical, and there is no better place to be than the Shoe. As a student, you can get tickets at a significantly discounted price so that you can experience it for yourself. And even if football isn’t your thing, game days can still be a treat! Our marching band is world renowned and puts on quite the show at half time, and before the game at skull sessions! Fans everywhere tailgate and bond over their love for our school. And at the end of every game (even if you aren’t in the stadium), you get to come together with thousands of other Buckeyes and sing Carmen (our alma mater)—it’s one of my personal favorite traditions!

So Much More! Columbus hosts tons of festivals every year, and the fall is no exception. From Mac and Cheese fest to the Italian fest and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Columbus also has 614 movie nights, where they show movies outside on the big screen—in the fall they tend to feature Halloween favorites like Hocus Pocus! There are tons of haunted houses, even the Statehouse participates, and Cedar Point (an amusement park near Cleveland) does Halloweekends, which Ohio State students can get discounted tickets to.

Overall, Columbus has plenty of fun fall activities to fill your weekends and evenings and help ensure you maintain a great work-life balance!

Cassie – email:”

Student Organization Spotlight: IPC

Hi Everyone,

This week, we’ll highlight a student organization unique to Ohio State – Inter-Professional Council, or IPC for short.  To tell you more about this group, I asked some current PharmD students to share more about their involvement.

When asked, “What is IPC?” third-year PharmD student Lauren Levi explained:

IPC is an interprofessional student organization consisting of professional students from Pharmacy, Law, Dentistry, Medicine, Vet Med, and Optometry. We consists of Senators from each school that serve on various sub-committees at Ohio State, and we dictate funds to help put on interprofessional events thrown by other student orgs within those colleges and put on interprofessional events ourselves!”

For example, IPC hosts social events for professional students – like the annual Halloween Party – and special events for charity (picture sand volleyball tournaments and casino nights) throughout the year.

The volleyball tournament is TaLeitha Varner’s (third-year PharmD student & IPC Service Chair & Pharmacy Justice) favorite event.  “I joined a team at the last minute and do not regret it one bit! Although we didn’t make it very far in the tournament, it was a chance to meet other students, to donate to the designated charity and to just have fun!”

IPC also oversees the “Professional Development Fund” which offers reimbursement for students.  For example, its common for PharmD students to travel across the country for different conferences and IPC will offer reimbursement for travel costs associated with these trips.

An organization like IPC is important for many reasons, including networking and professional development.  According to TeLeitha, her involvement in IPC has been valuable because “IPC plans many events throughout the year that help balance the many hours we all put forth learning and studying.  IPC represents all of the professional schools and is able to serve as a voice within the entire OSU community.”

If you have any questions about IPC, visit their Facebook page or let me know at and I can connect you with a current member!