Spending Spring Break as a PharmD Student

Hi Everyone!


For us at the College, Spring Break has just begun, so I thought it would be appropriate to touch on some of the ways students spend their Spring Breaks!


Buck-I-Serv: Ohio State offers service trips through Buck-I-Serv each break. These trips focus on a range of things like children, education and poverty, to housing to disaster relief and more; and they take place in a range of places from Florida to Illinois to New York and even some that are out of the country. Additionally, you are able to apply to be a trip leader which is a fantastic leadership development opportunity. I personally have gone on a Habitat for Humanity trip to North Carolina and had an amazing time—I made new friends, was able to give back in a meaningful way and had a lot of fun in the process.


Buckeyes Without Borders: An interprofessional medical mission team that takes a Spring Break trip to Honduras every year. Their purpose is to foster global health awareness and teach OSU healthcare students the benefits of an interdisciplinary

healthcare team on a positive patient outcome through outreach and education in underserved communities abroad, where they identify and treat the medical needs of their populations. Students that go always report having a great time, making friends and developing clinical skills.

Rotations: Some students utilize their free week to complete IPPE rotations, do project work or even shadow! This can be a great time for future professional development.


Vacationing with classmates: Many students opt for a more traditional vacation on Spring Break—relaxing on a beach, hiking in Arizona, ski trips and more! This is a great time to take a break from classes, relax your mind and body and spend quality time with family and friends.


Work/Staycation: Finally, many students will choose to stay home for spring break and unwind with a stay-cation of sorts—maybe even pick up a few shifts at work over the break.


I hope this gives you a little insight into what Spring Break at the College looks like. In whatever way you choose to spend your break, make sure to enjoy yourself and relax!



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