My Favorite Things in Columbus When It’s Cold Outside

  1. Head over to German Village, grab a cup of coffee at Stauf’s, and then head next door to get lost in one of The Book Loft‘s thirty-two rooms and curl up with a good book!
  2. Try something artsy with Studio 614!  They offer a variety of canvas and glassware painting classes.  Food and beverages are definitely a plus. 🙂
  3. Be productive at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse!  Their lattes and iced coffees are the bomb, and the best part is that they support organizations that fight for clean water and against hunger and human trafficking.
  4. Check out the art studios and events at 400 West Rich Street in Franklinton.  After wandering through the old warehouse, try the amazing lamb burger at Strongwater Food and Spirits or grab a drink at the Land-Grant Brewing Company next door.
  5. If you’re obsessed with greenery like me, check out the Franklin Park Conservatory.  Inside their huge greenhouses, plants are flourishing no matter the time of the year!
  6. Go ice-skating!  There are several skating rinks and one of the most popular is the OhioHealth Chiller Ice Rinks.
  7. Pour your own candle at The Candle Lab! You can create your own perfect scent.
  8. Take advantage of all the happy hour deals in Short North!  One of my favorite Columbus bloggers, Kasual Life, lists some of my go-to restaurants with the best happy hours!
  9. Go skiing, snowboarding, or tubing at Mad River Mountain! It’s only an hour away, and on Fridays, they have 3-hour Tubing Tickets for just $20 with a College ID!
  10. And last but not least, Gallery Hop of course!  Gallery Hop is the first Saturday of every month in the Short North from 4pm-10pm.  Check out all the galleries, shops, restaurants, and bars!

Remember to take some time for yourselves this winter to have fun!

SPOTLIGHT: Eric Place and Rotations

Hi Everyone!

Eric Place was kind enough to tell us a little about how his APPE rotations are going. I hope you enjoy this Spotlight, and that it provides some clarity on how fourth year can go for you 🙂



As a fourth year student pharmacist at OSU, my time has been flying with monthly advanced pharmacy practice experience rotations (APPEs). It is intriguing and curious how my idea of my future career has changed so many times throughout pharmacy school.  I have a strong belief that the robust and outstanding opportunities at Ohio State are to blame…and I couldn’t be more thankful. I have been an intern at Kroger, Walmart, and the Indian Health Service. I have shadowed pharmacists and done experiential rotations over the past four years.  It was not until this last year that something clicked and set me on a powerful path toward what I want to do with my PharmD degree.

My true passion lies in multi-disciplinary, evidence-based care in the acute hospital setting. That’s a mouthful, but spot on.  I excelled in that area during two of my APPE rotations. I would come to work energized and open to learn, and then leave motivated to study up on the fascinating scenarios I encountered that day. My month in the ICU at Fairfield Medical Center introduced me to critical care. I learned how to interact with the attending physicians and how to contribute proper interventions based primary literature and guidelines.  That month could also be considered an infectious disease (ID) rotation as we had intense reviews of all possible pathogens and antimicrobial therapies (“bugs and drugs”). I was assigned to prepare and deliver a sequence of ID lectures to family medicine residents.  It was all great preparation for high-level performance the following month at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, OH.  I was back ICU setting, yet I was learning every day. My preceptor was too!   Case example: on the last day of rotation, we were researching how to deliver intrathecal colistin to one of our complex patients with a newly developed brain infection!  The promise of an ever-challenging and stimulating practice environment solidified my decision to pursue a PGY1 with acute care focus.

My ultimate goal is achieve and apply board certification in pharmacotherapy or critical care at a top-level teaching hospital. I will want precepting and teaching responsibilities, along with the ability to perform innovative and cutting edge bedside research. The month of January kept me busy with applications and set me up for a few on-site PGY1 residency interviews in February.  APPE rotations were key to discovering what I want for my near future.  I am thankful for the challenging, inspiring, and unexpectedly great month I had with Bryce Lifer at Fairfield Medical Center.  I observed a level of excellence that I am hoping to expedite with completion of a PGY1. Some closing advice: whatever happens with your schedule during the final year in pharmacy school, just realize that YOU determine how beneficial it is for your life based on your ATTITUDE and your EFFORT.


Eric Place

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I believe leadership means many things and that it does not necessarily mean having leadership roles. BUT pharmacy school provides many opportunities to have leadership roles and continue growing your leadership skills. With all the professional organizations here, you have access to many leadership positions. So be prepared for what roles you want when you come into pharmacy school and work for them!

I am currently in an elective class, Leadership in Pharmacy, that is taught by Dr. Milap Nahata. If you are in your undergrad here at OSU, take it! I would highly recommend to take it as an elective during your time here at pharmacy school! Anyways, the best part of the class is that you learn so much about what it means to be a leader – and that a leader and manager are two different things. Their roles do overlap, but a leader is so much more than just a manager.

Personally, I think a leader is much more than just having a role. To me, a leader:

  • inspires people
  • engages people
  • goes the extra mile and is hardworking
  • takes risks and learns from failed attempts
  • is humble
  • is a great communicator
  • values honesty, integrity, generosity, and loyalty
  • encourages and appreciates others

How does a leader differ to you? What kind of leader do you want to be?

Pharmacy school can nurture you as a leader because you are surrounded by many people who can mentor and inspire you. You just need to seek those people and the roles you want.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send them my way at!

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