Student Organization Spotlight: SASP

Hi everyone! My name is Jamie and I’m a p2 student. I wanted to take a moment this week to highlight one of our newest student organizations SASP.

What is SASP?
SASP is the Student Association of Specialty Pharmacy. Our student chapter is the 1st student chapter of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP)

SASP was started by a group of current P2’s student who work in the Specialty Pharmacy at the Wexner Medical Center across the street. This Organization aims to promote student engagement in specialty pharmacy through education, professional development and networking with current members of NASP.

Member Opportunities:
Columbus AIDS walk
Shadowing in Specialty Pharmacy
Donate Life Ambassador Program
Donate Life Dash for Donation
Be the Match
Leukemia Lymphoma Society Light the Night
SafePoint Counseling at Equitas Health

Why did I join?
I decided to join SASP because specialty pharmacy is an area completely new to me. I had never worked or shadowed in this area before joining the organization. After attending a few meetings and hearing specialty pharamcists talk about their experiences, I decided that specialty pharmacy is interesting, and I wanted to learn more. By Joining SASP, I can network and shadow in specialty to continue to learn about this type of pharmacy to get a good feel for if I want to pursue working in this area in the future.

I highly encourage you to check out SASP if you get the chance. This is just one of the many unique opportunities we have here at Ohio State. If you have any questions about SASP feel to reach out to me or follow our Instagram @ohiostatesasp

Winter Break in Columbus


Hi everyone!
Winter break is always something students look forward to. Its an entire month to relax, catch up with friends, celebrate the Holidays, and prepare your mind for the next semester. Over the past years I ‘ve spent break doing just that, however this year I stayed in Columbus. This was my first time staying here during break but it’s Columbus, the city is huge and theres a lot to do. Here’s a list of what I did.

Buck I Serv
I spent the first week of break participating as an advisor for Buck I Serv, our alternative break program. We spent a day as tourists in New Orleans, this was my first time ever in NOLA. We explored the French quarter and had beignets. Then we headed to Biloxi Mississippi to volunteer at the local boys and girls club and to aid in restoration of wildlife areas damage by Hurricane Katrina. This was a great experience, I met a lot of new friends, had a mini vacation in New Orleans, and got to help a community in need. I highly recommend buck I serv if you’re looking for something to do over break.

Buckeye Football
On New Year’s Day, I watched the Buckeyes beat the Huskies and win the Rose Bowl. Its always a fun time watching the team win Championships. This year was even Coach Urban Meyer’s last game, so it was a great feeling to see him go out with a win. I would have loved to actually go to the game but watching on TV was equally as entertaining. You can always count on the Buckeyes to be in a New Year’s Bowl Game. Go Bucks!

New restaurant
A New York style bagel shop called The Lox opened over break. Being a food blogger, I had to go check it out. I have no idea what a New York bagel is or how it’s different from other bagels but it was delicious. I ended up going twice. I tried their breakfast sandwich and a bagel with their beet and thyme cream cheese. There’s always new restaurants opening near campus so if you’re a foodie like me, you will always have something to do.

Back to School
I spent the last few days of break prepping for school. We had some homework due on the first day and I figured I could get my pre-lab for the first week out of the way. It was nice to be able to catch up and get ahead before the semester begins.

So this is how I spent my winter break. It may not look like much but I had a ton of fun and really enjoyed every moment of it. There’s a lot more to do here but spending 40 hours on a bus for Buck I Serv the first week had me a bit exhausted. If you ever decide to stay here for break, I’m sure you’ll find something to do that you enjoy.


Best Coffee Shops near Campus

As the weather gets colder and final exams inch closer, coffee becomes a huge part of my day. I always need a quick dose of caffeine to get myself going in the morning. Lucky for us, Columbus is coffee central. There are several shops in town and they’re all great. Columbus even has it’s very own coffee trail! As an avid coffee lover, I have made my way through the trail, and I highly recommend trying it, its loads of fun. Below you will find 3 of my favorite stops along the trail — all close to campus, and easy to find! If you haven’t visited all 3 yet, I hope that I can convince you to do so soon.

1) Fox in the Snow Café (1031 N. 4th St)
Fox in the snow specializes in handcrafted coffee drinks and pastries. My personal favorite is the mocha, it always comes with some cool latte art and tastes amazing as well. During the fall their hot apple cider is the best in town. When it comes to the baked goods, it is hard to decide on just one pastry because they are all delicious. You simply can’t go wrong.

2) Stauf’s Coffee Roasters (Grandview or Grant Ave)
Stauf’s is an awesome shop, and there are several locations throughout Columbus. They serve a vast array of coffees, as well as some specialty drinks and teas. A big added bonus, is that they have wifi and tables for studying, so it’s the perfect place to when you need to hit the books.

3) Boston Stoker (771 Neil Ave)
Boston Stoker is the smallest of the 3, but they still serve some great coffee. I personally enjoy their cold brew. It’s one of the few places I am willing to drink black coffee, because it tastes that good here. This coffee house also has a few tables, and can be a place to study if you’re looking for somewhere new.


Ways to be active on campus

Hello Everyone! My name is Jamie and I’m a P2 and Diversity Ambassador for the College of Pharmacy. I’m from Sandusky Ohio, The Roller Coaster Capital of the World! I did my undergrad in psychology here at OSU and I’m currently and intern at Riverside Hospital. I really love walking around campus and exploring the food scene around Columbus.

Since it is early Fall Semester, I wanted to share some ways to be involved on campus outside of the College of Pharmacy. One of the best things about being a Buckeye is the endless opportunities we have to be active and involved within the campus community, Columbus, and beyond.

One of my favorite things to do is Buck-I Serve. Buck-I- serve is our alternative break trip here at OSU. Trips are offered during winter, spring and summer break. Trip destinations include New York, Florida, Georgia, Costa Rica and more. The purpose of these trips is to visit an underserved community and pay it forward during break. Depending on the destination, trip activities can include volunteering at soup kitchens, tutoring youth, cleaning aquatic preserves, and habitat for humanity. I have done buck-I serve multiple times and its always a lot of fun, it’s a way to meet new people and help those in need. The cool thing is, while these trips do cost money for undergrad, they don’t for professional students. As a Pharm D student you are eligible to apply as an Advisor, which makes the trip and travel expenses free. This is a leadership role, where you can use your leadership skills to help guide the trip and make sure everything runs smoothly. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity as a professional student.

Another way to be involved is with OUAB grad/professional. OUAB (Ohio Union Activities Board) is a student org on campus that hosts free events for current students. Some of these events include free movie nights and therapy dogs during finals week. The grad/professional chapter specifically aims to enhance the personal growth of grad/prof students and help us reach our goals. They host events such as CV reviews, group fitness classes, leadership workshops, finance management courses, and much more. Attending these events is a way to meet other professional students on campus and a great way to take advantage of the resources they offer. There’s also leadership positions available, so you can play a part in planning these great events.

Lastly, other ways to be involved are the volunteer days held on campus. Two examples are Community Commitment and MLK Day. For these events you can apply online to be a site leader. The duties are to lead a small group of students to a volunteer site where you will simply volunteer for the day. I have been assigned to food banks, nursing homes, and community gardens for these events. It a fun way to give back to the community and meet new people. At the end of the day, as the leader you will lead your group in a reflection, just discussing what you learned and sharing any thoughts from the activity.

So now that you have some ideas, I really hope this encourages you to get active and involved here on campus. Whether it be pharmacy organizations or any of the ones listed above, its important to find what you’re passionate about and take advantage of the great resources we have available here at OSU. Go Bucks!