Weekly Update – June 15

For this upcoming week, please have exercises 1-5 of the Buckeye Technique Packet and No Joke Strokes under your hands and memorized by this Thursday’s Summer Session. We will be playing through them on Tuesday and Wednesday as well, so make sure you are comfortable playing through them and come prepared to play.


Make sure to take a look at the marching schedule posted on the Summer Session tab so that you are keeping up with the marching aspect of the rehearsals.


Don’t hesitate to send the squad leaders any questions you may have, or videos of your playing and marching. This is especially useful if you are an out of state student or are unable to make it to all of the practices. The squad leaders are more than happy to watch video footage of you and send feedback throughout the week.


We look forward to seeing everyone this week!

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions will begin tonight at 5:00pm outside the doors of the band center. When you first arrive, go to the second floor of the band center facilities and go to the instrument office to check out a drum for the night. You will need some sort of collateral to check out the drum, we recommend bringing your license. A drum and sling/harness will also be provided to you as you check out a drum from the instrument office. At the end of the night, the drums will be returned to the office.


We look forward to seeing everyone tonight!