Summer Sessions: June 28th

Great work on Scramble last night. Thanks for your work to make that playable, now we have to keep working to make it sound great. With the longer break ahead (no summer sessions on Tuesday) make sure to make good use of it. Review all exercises we have worked on and make sure you have them at the tempo goals set previously. Also, keep working on school songs and cadences.

We’ll see you next Thursday, have a great Independence Day!

Summer Sessions: June 26th

Sorry for the late post. Yesterday, we worked on cadences and school songs mostly. Our goal to play all of Scramble on Thursday June 28th. Along with Scramble, keep working on all of the other music, exercises and school songs. We’ll see you Thursday!

Summer Sessions: June 21st

Happy Summer Solstice! Due to the storms tonight we were limited on the marching portion but we got a lot of good playing in on exercises and school songs.


  • Buckeye Technique 2: 200 bpm
  • Building Blocks: 124 bpm
  • No Joke Strokes: 187 bpm

Make sure to keep looking at

  • Buckeye Technique 5 (with and without the ghost note)
  • Mellifluous
  • Scramble
  • Ramp It Up
  • Cadences
  • School Songs

Practice hard this weekend and let’s meet our goals for this coming week!

Summer Sessions: June 19th

Another great night of summer sessions! Without Mark tonight, we went into sub sectionals and worked a lot on school songs.


  • Fight The Team
  • Buckeye Battle Cry
  • Beautiful Ohio (Full song)
  • I Want To Go Back
  • Cadences

Besides School songs, be sure to refer to older posts and keep up on all the other music that we have been working on.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, the snare sectional that was planned for tomorrow has been cancelled. A new date will be set soon. 


Summer Session: June 14th

PDFs for Scramble and Nefarious will be uploaded tonight and you can find them on the Music PDFs page.


  • Scramble (whole piece): 160 bpm
  • Mellifluous: 164 bpm
  • Buckeye Technique 5: 156 bpm (ghost note), 172 bpm (without ghost note)
  • Building Blocks

Note: If music is not on this update, refer to earlier posts for pieces and tempos.

Make sure to have Fight the Team ready for next Tuesday. Have a great weekend and Go Bucks!

Summer Session: June 12th

Here are updates on music from tonight’s summer session. 

  • Buckeye Technique 1: 216 bpm
  • Buckeye Technique 5: 156 bpm (with the ghost note)
  • No Joke Strokes: 168 bpm

Look at the following: 

  • Mellifluous
  • Nefarious
  • Ramp It Up
  • School Songs (Fight the Team, Buckeye Battle Cry, I Want to Go Back, etc.)

We’ll see bass drums tomorrow and everyone else on Thursday at 5!

Summer Sessions Announcement

We have a few updates for the upcoming weeks of summer sessions. In addition to our normal sectionals before summer sessions, Mark plans to have more personalized sectionals on Wednesday nights. This week, he plans to meet with bass drums from 6-8:30. Next week, he plans to meet with snare drums at the same time. Sections not involved are still welcome to attend and have separate sectionals. This will be discussed further on Tuesday.

Bass Drums     

June 13th:  6 – 8:30

Snare Drums     

June 20th:  6 – 8:30

Dates for Tenors and Cymbals will be decided soon.

If you are considering trying out on one of these instruments, even though it’s not your current instrument, you are still welcome to come and learn!

Summer Session: June 7th

Great second day of summer sessions, now time to go home and practice for next week. Here is the music we covered today with some associated tempo goals.


Buckeye Technique 1: 216 bpm

Buckeye Technique 5:  156 bpm (with the ghost note)

No Joke Strokes:  168 bpm

Building Blocks:  124 bpm



Fundamentals we covered this week can be found on the Summer Sessions page.

Thanks for your hard work this week and we’ll see you next Tuesday at 5!


Summer Sessions: Week 1

With our first session of the year in the books, we are getting ready for band season! To keep you up to date, we will be making postings after every summer session with updates on music and marching. Tonight was fairly simple but things will only get more challenging from here on so it is important you put the time in to keep up.


Buckeye Technique 1: 197 bpm

Look at Buckeye Technique 5 and Building Blocks


In place movements


See you on Thursday at 5 for sectionals!