Tryout and Early Housing Information

Auditions are less than seven days away, and veterans and candidates are gearing up to earn their spots in the OSUDL.

Candidate days will take place on Sunday and Monday (August 9th and 10th respectively) with registration opening up at 12:00 pm and running up until 2:00 pm. Registration for candidate days will take place in the lobby of the Steinbrenner Band Center.

See the attached Audition Schedule 2015 for full schedule of all four days of auditions, and head over to the Auditions tab for more information about the tryout process.

Students are also eligible for early housing during and after the audition process, and is highly recommended for students commuting to the auditions. Take a look at the Housing Letter provided by the university for more information on the costs associated with early move in and who to contact for more information.


Good luck, and go Bucks!

Audition Schedule 2015

Housing Letter