Summer Sessions: Week of 7/31

The tryout sheet is now available! Sign up for tryouts here if you have not already.


  • Long Beautiful Ohio must be memorized for today (m. 13 – end).
  • Natty Jam
    • We need to be able to play through the entire thing, top to bottom as not only is this part of the music audition, but will be one of the first things we do day one after the band is made.
  • Tempo goals for Bucks Tech 10 – for the sections in the audition music, it is important that you choose a tempo where you are not sacrificing quality and rhythm for speed alone:
    • #1 at 212
    • #2 at 186
    • #3 at 172
    • #4 at 172
    • #5 at 124
    • #6 at 130
    • #7 at 186
    • #8 at 192
    • #9 at 172
  • Short Rib Rolls @ 192
  • Gum Ball @ marked tempo
  • Ohio State of Mind @ marked tempo
  • Everything else on the website minus
    • OSU Paradiddles
    • Snare Jam



  • Mock tryouts.
  • Focus week: Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday 5:00 – 9:00.



Summer Sessions: Week of 7/24

****Due to OSUMB performance with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, sessions will take place on Tuesday, 7/25, and Wednesday, 7/26.



At this point, most, if not all, music on the website should be known for those planning on trying out for the band. While we may not have touched absolutely everything, it is imperative that members know the repertoire for the season to come. That said, the short-term focus should consist of:

  • All of Natty Jam
  • Short Rib Rolls
  • Gumball – marked tempo
  • Ohio State of Mind – marked tempo
  • BT10 5,6,9
    • While we are continually pushing the tempo here, it is vital that you find a tempo in which you can balance speed with quality for your own play should these exercises be chosen for the music tryout.

Required Memorized Music:

  • Fight the Team
  • Short Beautiful Ohio
  • Buckeye Battle Cry
  • Hang on Sloopy
  • Down by the OHIO for (7/25)
  • Beautiful Ohio for 8/1 (tryout drill song)



We have now learned all of the marching fundamentals utilized by The Ohio State Marching Band. Therefore, this week will look like:

  • Review fundamentals from weeks 1-3 (7/25)
  • Review fundamentals from weeks 4,6,7 (7/26)

The following two weeks will all be mock tryout sessions with next week (7/31) being a focus week.



Summer Sessions: Week of 7/3

This week is a focus week, meaning all of our marching time will be sent reviewing the past month of fundamentals. This is a great opportunity for out of state students to attend and get a crash course on everything we have learned so far.


Our music goals stay mostly the same as last week as we spent lots of time on fundamentals last week. Keep expanding on the music additionally to last weeks goals. We will be playing Natty Jam this week.


New Skills:

  • Review fundamentals (weeks 1-2) (7/5)
  • Review fundamentals (weeks 3-4) (7/6)

Past Skills:

  • June 29: Obliques, side-steps/step-sides, up-step-turn, bow-tie drill (6/29)
  • June 27: 6-to-5, adjusted step, backward adjusted step, slow turn,Short “Beautiful Ohio” memorized (m. 13, optional cut to m. 61) (6/27)
  • Lateral slides, backward lateral slides, horn slides, “Fight the Team” memorized (6/22)
  • Backwards marching, slide TTR (6/20)
  • Regular TTR, box TTR, countdown drill (6/15)
  • Flanks, *flashes, step-forward about face, box drill (6/13)
  • Mark time, mark time drill, 8-to-5, marching and playing (6/8)
  • In-place movements (attention, directional facings, chair step, **horns up, **horns down, posture) (6/6)

*denotes skill only utilized by brass performers, **not utilized by snare drummers