Future Sectionals

Due to The Ohio State University’s policy on moving school to online instruction for the rest of the semester, we will not be having sectionals until at least Wednesday, April 1st. We will send an announcement closer to that date in regards to whether or not we will hold the sectional.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate in asking last year’s squad leaders questions that you may have. Instead of viewing the interim time as an interruption, view it as an opportunity to work ahead. Keep bumping the tempos up, focus on the fundamentals, get new rep under the hands, and keep preparing for the summer and beyond. You are only as good as you practice!

Additional information can be found at: https://tbdbitl.osu.edu

Until next time,

Go Bucks!

3/4 Sectional

It’s the start of spring break for us, but that does not mean that the progress stops! The tempo goals remain the same from last week (which can be found in our previous post), but we encourage you to push your hands and get better. In addition, now is a great time to get ahead and learn the rest of Buckeye Technique.

We’ll meet back on the 18th. Until then,

Go Bucks!

Sectional 2/26

Sorry for the delay in posting the tempo goals for next sectional.

Buckeye Technique

  • #1: 192 BPM
  • #2: 156 BPM
  • #3: 132 BPM
  • #7: 138 BPM
  • In addition: #6: 118 BPM [Beginning to letter A]

New Material

  • Everyday Jam


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!