First Summer Session

We are very excited to start preparing for  the 2017 season with our first Summer Session next Tuesday, June 6th!  The first Summer Session will start at 6:30 pm in the Steinbrenner Band Center, and the drumline will start meeting at 5 pm for pre-Summer Session sectionals starting on Thursday June 8th.  Our Wednesday sectionals will start on Wednesday June 7th from 6 – 8 pm.  Be sure to wear athletic clothes and bring sticks and water to all sessions.  The instrument office, located on the second floor of the band center, will open at 5:30 pm to check out instruments for the first session.

Starting this year, all participants are required to fill out a one-time summer session registration form before attending.  More information on the schedule, parking, and instrument check-out can be found on the OSUMB’s website and under our Summer Session tab.

We are all looking forward to kicking off the season and getting to work!  Go Bucks!

Summer Update!

Hi Buckeyes!  We have just a few pieces of information we wanted to get out to you all regarding the next few weeks.  First, If you are auditioning for the 2016 OSU Marching Band please be registered for tryouts by this coming Monday, July 25th.  You can register for tryouts here.  The audition music will be distributed, to those who are registered, next week.

We also want to remind everyone that the summer session schedule is a little bit different next week.  We will be having our usual 5 pm – 9 pm summer sessions on Monday July 25th, and Tuesday July 26th, but there will be no session that Thursday.  There will also be no drumline sectional Wednesday July 27th due to the soccer game in Ohio Stadium.

Lastly, there are two new exercises to work on under the music PDF’s page called Zone Blitz and Bump and Run.

Keep practicing and Go Bucks!

Summer Session Update

Hey Buckeye fans!  We are approaching the halfway point of our summer sessions and it is great to see everyone working hard and improving.  We have just a few reminders regarding Wednesday sectionals.  First, our sectional tomorrow will be extended from 6 pm – 9 pm.  Second, sectionals next week on Wednesday July 13th are cancelled.

The music for our new warm up “Ramp It Up” has been added to our music PDF’s page, so check that out if you haven’t already.  Lastly, by this time in the summer we should all have Fight the Team, Sloopy, and I Wanna Go Back memorized.  We need to have Buckeye Battle Cry memorized for next week and it would be a good idea to work on memorizing OSUMBlus early as that is going to be the tryout drill song for this years auditions.

Keep up the good work and Go Bucks!

Summer Session Reminder

Thanks for a great first summer session! It was a fantastic turn out and we can’t wait to get to know you all and help in any way we can. Friendly reminder: Starting Thursday June 9th, sessions will start outside the band center at 5pm, for percussion warm ups.

Note: if you’re coming to play cymbals, or thinking about it, come with a pair of WHITE/GREY (preferred) leather baseball gloves. These will help protect your hands from the metal.

Go Bucks!

Summer Session Schedule

Summer Sessions will take place this week tonight and tomorrow night (July 28 – 29) at their normal times. Next week, sessions will take place on Monday through Thursday (August 3 – 6) in preparation for candidate days, which start on August 9th. Please head over to the Audition tab for more information about tryouts.

Weekly Update – June 15

For this upcoming week, please have exercises 1-5 of the Buckeye Technique Packet and No Joke Strokes under your hands and memorized by this Thursday’s Summer Session. We will be playing through them on Tuesday and Wednesday as well, so make sure you are comfortable playing through them and come prepared to play.


Make sure to take a look at the marching schedule posted on the Summer Session tab so that you are keeping up with the marching aspect of the rehearsals.


Don’t hesitate to send the squad leaders any questions you may have, or videos of your playing and marching. This is especially useful if you are an out of state student or are unable to make it to all of the practices. The squad leaders are more than happy to watch video footage of you and send feedback throughout the week.


We look forward to seeing everyone this week!

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions will begin tonight at 5:00pm outside the doors of the band center. When you first arrive, go to the second floor of the band center facilities and go to the instrument office to check out a drum for the night. You will need some sort of collateral to check out the drum, we recommend bringing your license. A drum and sling/harness will also be provided to you as you check out a drum from the instrument office. At the end of the night, the drums will be returned to the office.


We look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Summer Sessions wk 1 Update

The fist week of Summer Sessions 2014 is complete!  Already we’re seeing a lot of effort and drive by everyone attending. So congratulate yourselves if you’ve been showing up.

First off, if you are a candidate or vet trying out again, make sure you join the Facebook group: Summer Session JI-Row, as well as the band’s official group: OSUMB Summer Sessions (Official Group).  These will help you get updates on what we’re learning as well as when squad leaders/vets are available to help you.

Second, make sure you’re practicing school songs and cadences along with the technique warmups.  We’re going to start marching and playing very soon (this coming Thursday).

Finally, SIGN UP FOR TRYOUTS if you haven’t already.

As I said in last nights meeting: those of you trying out have the opportunity to be in something very special this coming year.  This season the OSUDL is going to do some things that will put us in the spotlight.  Get excited.  Get focused.  Go Bucks!

Summer Sessions are here!

June 10th marks the start of the OSUMB’s Summer Sessions.  These will be preparation for trying out for The Best Damn Band in the Land.  Report is 5:30pm on Tuesday at the Steinbrenner Band Center in Ohio Stadium.  We’ll see you there!