New Music Uploaded

New music has been uploaded under the music tab. We will be playing through these during summer sessions.

– Buckeye Technique 4.0

– 16th Accents

– Griddy

Get an early jump on the music before our first session on June 7th!

2022 Pre Summer Session Announcement:


  • Register for summer session at this link.
  • Start looking over buckeye technique 3.0 found under the music tab, and also at this link.
  • Put together a 3-ring binder with plastic sheets to hold all the music from our website, and have clothespins/binder clips to pin pages if needed due to wind.
  • Band doors are located between gates 10 and 12 of the stadium (which is on the stadium’s East side). Parking is available at the stadium, but it is not free (download the park mobile app or pay at the station).
  • This announcement page will be updated frequently throughout the summer about what music and drill are covered during the week.

June 7th

  • Session starts at 6:30 at the practice field, please arrive early (30-45 min) to ensure you have enough time to check out a drum (this will be done in the band center).
  • Bring water, and wear comfortable athletic wear / athletic shoes.
  • We WILL NOT be having a sectional on the 7th. Our first sectional will be on the 9th.

June 9th

  • First sectional starting at 5 pm outside band doors, please arrive early to check out a drum.
  • Be familiar with exercises from buckeye technique 3.0.
  • Around 6:30 we will begin moving down to practice field for marching.

Final Pre-Summer Sessions Announcement

Hey all, I hope you are doing well and pumped to start summer sessions tomorrow. Tomorrow starts your journey on becoming a member of TBDBITL!

A few reminders and announcements (please read this in its entirety)

  • Percussion sectionals are starting on Thursday 6/10 at 5pm. Meet outside the stadium doors unless otherwise directed.
    • On that note, no percussion sectionals tomorrow
  • Instead, students who are checking out instruments should be at the Steinbrenner Band Center by 5:30 pm tomorrow
  • For those who are vaccinated, masks are optional though indoors masks are required per The Ohio State University’s regulations
  • Hydrate well, stretch, wear the appropriate footwear, and be ready to learn

We are so pumped to be able to meet you all finally. As always, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Go Bucks!!

Summer Sessions 2020

Today is the first official day of Summer Sessions in preparation to make the 2020 edition of The Best Damn Band In The Land. We are so excited to see the improvement that candidates make as people and as players.

If you have yet to sign up for Summer Sessions, it is not too late. Visit the link below to sign up. Afterwards, you will be placed into a Google Classroom where fundamental videos will be made available. Furthermore, squad leaders will send personalized feedback on candidate’s marching and playing.

We hope that you have remained safe and well during this time. We cannot wait to get back and drum together!

Drive, Drive, Drive…

Summer Session: 6/13

Thank you to all that came out and braved the weather this evening! Here are goals for next week.

  • BT#1: 220 bpm (playing 8 8 24 24 iteration)
  • BT#2: 200 bpm
  • BT#4: 140 bpm
  • To Each Their Own: Have this under your hands

Start working on section jams, we will work in sectionals on these the last week of June!

Summer Session: 6/11

Starting this week, I will begin posting information regarding what music goals have been set for the next session or coming weeks. The following are goals set last night.

  • BT (Buckeye Technique) #1: 220 bpm
  • BT #2: 200 bpm
  • BT #4: 134 bpm
  • BT #6: 140 bpm
  • BT #9: 132 bpm (beginning —> B)
  • Everyday Jam: 108 bpm

Make sure to keep looking through the rest of buckeye technique as well!

Summer Session: July 17th

We received 3 new exercises last night, Concussion, Bucks Beat 2.0, and Grooved Pavement. These will be uploaded as soon as possible. Along with Bucks Beat 2.0, make sure to check out the original Bucks Beat found in Music PDFs.

Keep working on all covered exercises and school songs, see you tomorrow night!

Summer Session: July 11th & 12th

During last weeks focus sessions, we reviewed all marching fundamentals to date and continued to work on exercises and school songs. Here are some tempos we hit.

  • Buckeye Technique 1: 221 bpm
  • Buckeye Technique 2: 202 bpm
  • Buckeye Technique 5: 176 bpm
  • Buckeye Technique 6: 142 bpm
  • Scramble: 176 bpm
  • Lie: Played along with song up to tempo

Make sure to look at It’s About Time and all other exercises we have worked on this summer!


Summer Sessions: June 28th

Great work on Scramble last night. Thanks for your work to make that playable, now we have to keep working to make it sound great. With the longer break ahead (no summer sessions on Tuesday) make sure to make good use of it. Review all exercises we have worked on and make sure you have them at the tempo goals set previously. Also, keep working on school songs and cadences.

We’ll see you next Thursday, have a great Independence Day!