What Happens Next in 4-H: March Monthly Highlights

Campership Application Available – March 1

Applications for Junior Camp camperships will be available on our website under 4-H Youth Development>Junior Camp.

Extension Advisory Committee Meeting – March 4, 6-7:30 p.m.

The Extension Advisory Committee will meet in the Extension Office from 6-7:30 p.m.

4HOnline Enrollment Help – March 7, 2-4 p.m.

Families in need of assistance completing the 4HOnline enrollment process can stop by the Extension Office during this time.

4-H Enrollment Deadline – March 15

All enrollments must be submitted and approved by the club data manager by 11:59 p.m. on March 15.

Club Paperwork Deadline – March 15, 4:30 p.m.

  • Club Information Sheet: This sheet requires information about your club including: club name, organizational advisor contact information, club contact information, club financial information, club meeting information and club officers.
  • Club Constitution: 4-H Club Constitutions need to be reviewed annually by current club members. Clubs must use the 4-H Club Constitution provided by Ohio 4-H, which is available in a fillable form on our website at: 4-H Youth Development>Club Resources. In 2019, only new 4-H clubs will be required to submit a copy of the club constitution. Constitutions for returning clubs are on file with the Extension Office.
  • By-laws: Club By-laws are optional, but strongly encouraged, as they provide clubs the opportunity to make guidelines specific to their club. If a club has by-laws, they need to be reviewed and adopted annually. Clubs are encouraged to provide a copy to each member. Organizational volunteers should keep a copy on file signed by all members and submit a copy to the Extension Office. A sample club bylaws can be downloaded from our website at: 4-H Youth Development>Club Resources.
  • 4-H Club Charter: National 4-H and Ohio 4-H Youth Development require that all clubs be chartered.
  • Dog Permission Forms
  • Permission to Participate in 4-H Horse Activities
  • Winning 4-H Plan Requests

Ohio 4-H Conference – March 9

Registered participants will attend this statewide educational opportunity for teens and volunteers.

Junior Leaders @ Plowboy Prom – March 9

Junior Leaders will attend the Plowboy Prom, hosted by Ohio State’s Collegiate 4-H Chapter, at the Ohio 4-H Center. Details will be shared with members via e-mail and Facebook.

Camp Team Meeting #3 – March 20 – Campbassadors, 5:15 p.m., Everyone 6-8 p.m.

Camp Counselors and staff will meet at the Extension Office.

Junior Fair Board – March 25, 6-7:30 p.m.

Junior Fair Board will meet at the Extension Office.

Livestock Committees – March 28

Livestock Committees will meet at designated times at the Veteran’s Building at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds.

Campership Applications Due – March 31

Applications for Junior Camp camperships are due. They can be found on our website under 4-H Youth Development>Junior Camp.

4-H Week Club Recognition

Congratulations to Flying R 4-H Club for winning the Facebook Photo Challenge with 290+ reactions on their photo:


Five clubs were also recognized as award winners in the Club Display Contest:

Flocks of Fun – Outstanding


Adamsville Renegades – Honorable Mention














Highland Go-Getters – Honorable Mention


















Jersey Ridge Happy Hustlers – Honorable Mention


Panther Paw Society – Honorable Mention

County Youth Recognition

Congratulations to the following youth who were recognized at the 4-H Kick-Off last week:

County Medals

Abigail Derry Goat
Rachel Hampp Leadership; Personal Development; Citizenship & Community Service; Mechanical & Engineering Science; Poultry
Treva Hampp Citizenship & Community Service; Poultry
Keirsten Jackson Goat; Leadership; Personal Development; Health & Safety
Samantha Mozena Clothing & Textiles; Leadership; Personal Development; CARTEENS; Communications; Citizenship & Community Service; Poultry
Dillon Ryan Sheep
Caroline Sowers Leadership

Samantha and Abigail are representing us in the State Achievement Awards contest. Achievement awards will be judged at the state level on February 22 and announcements will take place in March.

State Trips & Camps Delegates

Citizenship Washington Focus Delegates

  • Treva Hampp
  • Keirsten Jackson

State Leadership Camp Delegates

  • Dillon Ryan

Muskingum County 4-H Scholarship Recipients

  • Rileigh Dozer
  • Wade Hill
  • Jaylee Jordan
  • Ashley Knicely
  • Christina Rozsa
  • Rachel Taylor

Congratulations 2018 Honor Clubs

Congratulations to the following clubs for achieving Honor Club status for 2018:

  • Adamsville Renegades
  • Avondale
  • Capturing Clovers
  • Flocks of Fun
  • Flying R
  • Highland Go Getters
  • Hooves & Paws
  • Inspirations
  • Jersey Ridge Happy Hustlers
  • Meadow Farm
  • Meigs Junior Pioneers
  • Norwich Stovetop Stitchers & Critters
  • Rix Mills
  • Rolling Plains
  • Tri-Valley Country Kids

Honor clubs receive 400+ points on the Club Participation sheet, indicating that they are encouraging youth to take advantage of a variety of valuable learning experiences at the club, county and state level.

Club Membership Guideline Reminders – Important for Volunteers

As volunteers are enrolling club members, please be aware of the minimum member requirement that clubs must have five members from three different families to meet the Club Charter requirements and receive approval for a club in 2019. These five club members should be project members, not Cloverbuds. Cloverbud members would be counted in addition to this number, and a club must have at least two Cloverbuds enrolled to have a recognized Cloverbud program. This rule is in place to ensure that youth get the most out of the 4-H experience by participating in a variety of group-oriented learning experiences throughout the year.

Beginning 2020, we will not only require clubs to start the year meeting the minimum member requirement, but have that number of members complete the year (refer to the Family Handbook, page 5 for details) to remain in good standing. Clubs that do not meet this standard will be put on probationary status for one year and given the opportunity to meet the requirement the following year. After two years of not meeting this minimum member requirement, clubs will not be granted a Club Charter.

Managing 4-H Club Finances – Important Reminders for 4-H Club Volunteers

As clubs begin meeting this year, volunteers are strongly encouraged to review the information about 4-H Club Finances and Fundraising that is a part of the 2019 Organizational Club Information (also included in this post) to ensure that the club is following guidelines. Throughout this year, 4-H Committee’s Audit Sub-committee will be discussing the implementation of a club audit process for 2020.

The Ohio 4-H Club Treasurer’s Handbook a great resource for information on tracking club income and expenses.


Managing 4-H Finances

(Adapted from Managing 4-H Finances, Ohio 4-H Development, by R. J. Schmiesing, C. Crawford, B. Henderson and L. Johnson, Feb. 2000.)

  • Accurate financial management is critical for Ohio 4-H clubs regardless of the amount of money or its intended purpose. The following practices should be reviewed prior to establishing club treasuries and as a reference for managing club finances.
  • 4-H club or group checking accounts must be established for each club in the club or group name, not an individual’s name. Two to three signatures should be provided for each account, with two signatures required on all checks. Signatures must be approved 4-H volunteers and members, if permitted by the financial institution. Signatures must not all be related or family members, must include at least one non-family member. Under guidance from adult volunteers, a suggested practice for checks is to have the treasurer and secretary as signatories.
  • Bank statements should be sent to a 4-H club volunteer or group leader, or someone who does not have authority to sign checks. After review (i.e. correct number of deposits, checks, and balance) statements should be given to treasurer, reconciled and included in the official records. If possible, 4-H clubs should request actual cancelled checks or copies from their bank.
  • Bills should be approved for payment by the 4-H Club or group members before checks are written. When a check is written, it is to be correctly recorded in the Treasurer’s records and Secretary’s minutes. The Treasurer is to keep copies of documents supporting expenditures (cash register receipt, invoice, etc.). All income should be documented in the Treasurer’s records and deposited immediately into the club’s checking account.
  • The Treasurer must keep accurate records and report the status of the treasury at each meeting. The Secretary’s minutes should reflect financial actions and/or account balances. This should be done for each business meeting. The Ohio 4-H Treasurer’s Record Book should be used to maintain accurate records.
  • No club funds are permitted to be distributed to club members or volunteers unless for reimbursement for an approved club expense.
  • If clubs receive a premium check from the Muskingum County Agricultural Society, premiums should be paid directly to club members.
  • The club treasury should be audited annually by a committee from the club, appointed by the President, or by someone not directly associated with the Treasurer. This audit should occur prior to a new treasurer assuming office. Following the review, the club must submit their Yearly Financial Summary for the current year’s records, January 1– December 31, by January 31 of the year after the records conclude. The final bank statement of the year, which must include activity through December 31, must also be submitted.
  • Employee Identification Number – An employee identification number (EIN) is required when a 4-H club or group opens an account at a bank. Clubs or groups need to apply for their own number by completing an SS-4 form. For additional information, please contact the Extension Office.
  • The IRS requires all 4-H clubs file a 990-N (e-Postcard) to report any and all income the club had each calendar year. The Extension Office will file for each 4-H club using their completed Financial Summary. If the Organizational Volunteers receive any documentation from the IRS throughout the year, please bring a copy to the Extension Office and keep the original in your club financial files.
  • Local 4-H Club or group treasuries should have a minimum carry over from year to year. Those that raise money should spend the money. If the treasury is saving for a major project, the money should be given to the project annually.
  • If a 4-H club or group disbands, the funds in the treasury should be given to a worthy cause. If possible, the club should decide on the cause. Examples: 4-H Committee, 4-H Endowment Fund, 4-H Camp Ohio, etc. If a club or group votes to divide, the treasury should be divided upon membership with equal shares per member going to the member’s new club treasury. If a club or group is divided without mutual agreement and cannot decide on division of the treasury, the problem should be referred to 4-H Committee. Money cannot be given to the club members.
  • 4-H Educators and other Extension staff cannot be responsible for handling 4-H club or affiliate monies and are not to have signature authority on 4-H club or affiliate bank accounts.
  • 4-H Professional Staff has the right to request any and all financial information for your club as needed.
  • Financial records should be kept for 7 years before being destroyed.

4-H Fundraising

(Adapted from Guideline for Raising Funds for Local 4-H Clubs – Appendix H, from the Ohio 4-H Program Agent’s Handbook, 1995.)

  • Fundraising for club treasuries must go through the club checking account.
  • Clubs are not permitted to fundraise using games of chance, such as raffles. Rather, plan a 4-H fundraiser so the public or customer will receive full value.
  • Keep fundraising to a minimum. One or two special fundraisers per year. Remember the basic purpose of 4-H is education. Funds must be raised for a specific worthy project and inform the general public of how the funds will be used and controlled. Raising funds to give money to your members is prohibited by the Ohio 4-H Club Constitution.


Reminder: Cross County Enrollment Deadline February 15

Reminder the Cross County Enrollment Deadline is February 15 at 4:30 p.m.!

Youth are expected to affiliate with the 4-H program in their county of residence or receive approval for membership outside their county of residence. Request forms are available online or in our office. New for 2019: Requests must be submitted by February 15, which will ensure that we are in compliance with the Ohio 4-H guideline to have requests in no later than 30 days prior to our enrollment deadline. 

Please review the 4-H Membership Across County Lines form for details about procedures for submitting a request.

The new guidelines detail both acceptable and unacceptable reasons to request a transfer of membership. Please review these guidelines before submitting a request.

Ohio State Fair Scholarships – Due April 15

In an effort to recognize the quality youth of Ohio, and to help those interested in furthering their education, the Ohio Expositions Commission has established a Scholarship Program for Ohio State Fair participants. The purpose of these scholarships is to assist high school juniors and seniors, and graduates who are continuing their education at an accredited institution in an under graduate course of study in any field.

Scholarships will be awarded to junior exhibitors during the Ohio State Fair. Applicants will be judged on Scholastic Standing, Citizenship and Leadership, Ohio State Fair Participation, County Fair Participation. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to not issue
a scholarship if no applicant fulfills the requirements.

Guidelines & Application

Reminder: 4-H Kick-Off Next Week!

Wednesday, February 13

Rolling Plains United Methodist Church, 3350 Moxahala Park Rd., Zanesville

Project & Opportunity Fair 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

County Awards presented at 7:00 p.m.

The first 250 attendees will receive a 4-H cup! Youth who bring a friend who is not a current 4-H member will receive a reward, and so will their friend!

Learn more about 4-H, Earn Club Participation Points, View Award Winning Project Displays, Enter 1/2 Camp Scholarship Drawing, Preview 200+ Project Books, check out the photo booth and much more!