2021 Junior Fair Theme

Junior Fair Board met March 22nd. They are excited to announce the 2021 Junior Fair Theme:

175 Years of Fair Fever – Catch the Fun with Junior Fair!

The Winning 4-H Plan: Accommodations for Youth with Special Needs due April 15

The Winning 4-H Plan enables youth to tailor the 4-H experience to their needs and helps maintain a positive relationship between the youth’s family, 4-H volunteers, and the county 4-H professionals.  Members who have previously submitted a request form do not need to submit again. Please contact the Extension Office directly to request  changes for the current year. If no changes are requested, accommodations will be listed as they were the previous year.

Access the form: go.osu.edu/muskw4hplan.

Congratulations Eliza Jane Morrow – State 4-H Achievement Award Winner

GREAT NEWS! Our very own Eliza Jane Morrow was selected as the Ohio 4-H Achievement Award Winner in Clothing & Textiles! Only one winner is recognized in this category from Ohio each year.

Eliza Jane is the daughter of David & Lori Morrow of New Concord and a member of Highland Go-Getters 4-H Club. She is also a Camp Counselor and involved in Junior Leaders.

Club Activity Resources from Iowa State – Virtual Adaptations Included!

I’m reviewing proposals this morning for our national conference this morning and I came across these two-page club resources from Iowa State! They are free downloads and each have virtual adaptations.
  • Trash Collection Bingo
  • Service Calendar Challenge
  • Active Bingo
  • Technology Trap
  • Around the House Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  • Group Decision Making Models
  • Animal Game Show


New Club Volunteer Resource for Virtual Meetings

“Making the Best 4-H Clubs Better”

This is a collection of ready-to-use lessons, handouts and resources to help advisors strengthen their club in just 20 minutes. Lessons will develop members’ communication and leadership skills along with making the best 4-H clubs better. Most lessons have an in-person and virtual plan for flexibility in conducting the activities during your club meetings.