4-H Updates – Responses to Current Frequently Asked Questions

Project Book Distribution: Per Ohio 4-H, 4-H project book distribution is suspended, effective as of close of business 3/18/2020 through 3/31/2020. This means there will be no project book distribution at the local or state level until after March 31. They will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and will re-evaluate project book distribution as we get closer to March 31. Office staff is prepared to make our second countywide order once this process resumes so that we can have our shelves fully stocked before beginning book orders.

If members are interested, they can visit: https://projectcentral.ohio4h.org/ and view the first few pages of their project book to begin thinking about leadership, citizenship and learning activities that are part of their project(s). If they are enrolled to take a self-determined project, they can start now: https://ohio4h.org/selfdetermined. If they aren’t enrolled in a self-determined project, the self-determined project idea starters still have a lot of ideas for educational activities to fill their time!

Camp Scholarship Application, Due March 31: At this time, please encourage members to continue working on them and submit via e-mail (mcconnell.210@osu.edu) before the March 31 deadline. I am considering a deadline extension, but need more time to process items related to camp before deciding. Download the application here.

Summer Events: I recognize that this constantly evolving situation is challenging, frustrating and causes many of us anxiety. I would love to be operating under our normal schedule, having regular meetings with teen leaders, etc…and I know that you want to be having 4-H meetings! The reality is, none of us can predict for certain the trajectory of the virus and what it means for our jobs, schools and many other things in our lives. I remain hopeful that if we all do our part to stop the spread, we will be able to resume some or all of our summer activities, although they may be in a revised format.

    • What do we do about Quality Assurance? You may have noticed in one of the recent updates that the Ohio Department of Agriculture is allowing youth ages 8-18 to take the online YQCA course for QA credit this year. This is certainly an option for our families, but there is a cost associated with it for each child that we cannot expect to receive any discounts on because it is not a program distributed by OSU Extension. We currently have two face-to-face quality assurance sessions still scheduled for April and May, and might consider adding other dates if necessary. Since ODA waived the requirement that QA must be completed 45 days before exhibition this year, we have more time to schedule additional opportunities.
    • Will there be camps? We had a virtual 4-H Camp Ohio Board meeting last week and are still making preparations for summer camps to take place based on the information we have available to us at this time. I can assure you that this group is very passionate about camp and will consider all possible avenues for ensuring camps take place if restrictions allow. As a member of the state 4-H Camping Design Team, I am working with colleagues to develop ways to training counselors in a virtual environment so they have the required hours and skills they need. A decision to cancel or postpone Cloverbud Camp will be made based on current restrictions, health & safety of all involved and schedule availability.
    • Will there be a fair? The decision of whether or not there will be a fair will not be made by OSU Extension or our staff. The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), Ohio Fair Managers Association and Muskingum County Senior Fair Board are actively monitoring the situation and currently plan to have fairs. I know many are concerned about purchasing livestock if there is the possibility that they cannot be shown or sold. Word from is that they are currently exploring online auction options should fair exhibitions not take place.
    • Take into consideration that if you are unable to show or sell at the fair, we have several local processors who could process these animals and you would have food for your family or neighbors. I think it would be a tremendous educational opportunity for our youth to raise an animal from start to finish AND experience the food product results of their project first hand. In purchasing animals, you will have to consider what your family can afford – this may mean purchasing animals at a different price point than in the past or not purchasing a back up animal because of the unknown status.

Ohio 4-H Event Youth Assistant Applications Now Available!

  • What: 4-H Event Youth Assistant (4HEYA)
  • Who: Individuals age 13-18 (as of January 1 of the year of application) and have at least 1 year prior 4-H experience.
  • Timeframe: Apply by May 15, selection, training, service to OSF, and evaluation.  Complete responsibilities by August 31, 2020.
  • Requirements (in addition to application/selection process):
    • Training-Must attend one of the options for training (July 8 or July 14)
    • Events-Must work a minimum of 3 events at the Ohio State Fair; may work more if desired
  • Program Fee: $25/person for first year members; $10 for 2nd or more year members
  • Teens Receive:
    • 4HEYA Polo & Nametag
    • State Fair admission, parking ticket, and meal ticket(s)
    • Optional State Fair housing in the Rhodes Center (if desired)
    • Experience of working events at the Ohio State Fair
    • Opportunity to enhance leadership skills and be involved in the State 4-H program
  • What about the Teen Leadership Council? YES, these members may apply for 4HEYA AND TLC this year, if desired.  TLC applications will be available in June and will be due the Friday following the Ohio State fair.  Their term is September 1, 2020-August 31, 2021.  Current TLC members are not eligible to apply for 4HEYA, as they are already fulfilling obligations at the Ohio State Fair.
  • Questions? Contact Hannah (epley.24@osu.edu), Kayla (oberstadt.1@osu.edu), Sarah (longo.79@osu.edu) or Frances (nicol.115@osu.edu)

COVID-19 Special Update 3 – Extension Office Closure

Governor DeWine recently issued a state of emergency and implemented a variety of strategies to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Beginning March 18, 2020, the OSU Extension – Muskingum County office will be closed to the public until further notice.

In order to reduce risk to employees and clientele, Ohio State University has implemented a teleworking plan. While the Muskingum County Extension Office will be physically closed, we are committed to continuing to conduct our work as fully as possible. We are equipped to facilitate effective teleworking and will continue to serve our clientele and communities. You should continue to feel free to call or email with any OSU Extension staff member as you normally would.

OSU Extension is deeply committed to the health and well-being of its staff and our community while doing it’s part to help slow the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). If you have questions, please feel free to contact our office at 740-454-0144 and follow the voicemail prompts to reach the appropriate staff member.

*Please note that newly enrolled families have not yet been added to this e-mail communication list. 

We will share new updates as they are available. Volunteers – stay tuned for e-mails specifically sent to you!

March 13 – COVID-19 Update

Greetings 4-H Families!

It has been a quite a week! Thank you for your patience with your county 4-H staff, the state 4-H office and OSU Extension. We know you have many questions:

  • When can we have club meetings?
  • Should we invest in projects?
  • Will there be summer activities?

The answer is: at this point, we just don’t know. Things are changing rapidly. We do know that we’re committed to doing our part to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We also know that when we choose to act together, we can have incredible positive impacts.

The actions we’ve taken so far are in alignment with necessary precautions recommended by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Ohio Department of Health. These are in place to help keep us all from getting, or unintentionally spreading, this virus.

UPDATE: ALL 4-H events, programs, and activities scheduled between now and April 20 must be held virtually, postponed, or cancelled. This includes Quality Assurance and camp counselor activities.

We are also disappointed to announce that the new Winner’s Circle program will not take place in 2020. We look forward to launching this program in 2021.

For our livestock project members and families, Ohio 4-H and the Ohio Department of Agriculture discussed some changes for this year that will help mitigate the effects the coronavirus is having on holding in-person programming. For livestock quality assurance (QA) for the 2020 year only:

  • QA must still be completed before the opening day of exhibition, however the 45-day prior to the opening of the exhibition requirement will not be enforced.
  • Youth livestock exhibitors (8-18) may take the online YQCA certification. Typically, this is only permitted for youth 12 years and older. View more information on our website.

In the coming days, we’ll share updates via e-mail as we receive new information.

March 12 – COVID-19 Update

Greetings 4-H Families!

There has been a recent confirmation of the coronavirus in the state of Ohio leading to public health concerns related to disease transmission. As a result, The Ohio State University has been proactively implementing protocols for insuring the safety and health for our students, clientele and staff.  After consultation with the college and university leadership, we are following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, Ohio Department of Health, and the university in being aggressively proactive to prevent the potential spread of communicable respiratory illness.

We understand this may cause inconvenience, but please know that your health and the health of our community at-large is our biggest priority. We will be postponing or cancelling gatherings, face-to-face programming, and meetings deemed not critical to our mission or considered non-essential through April 20 to provide time for additional vigilance as we learn more about how this virus is affecting Ohioans. No new events will be scheduled.

This situation is constantly evolving. Our office is receiving statewide updates multiple times per day, and we will provide updates related to events and restrictions as we have them.

NEW UPDATE – Status of Club Meetings: Per Extension Administration, no face-to-face meetings should take place effective immediately through April 20. This is different information than I shared in Wednesday evening’s communication with 4-H volunteers. Please take advantage of virtual meeting opportunities where available.

Status of Upcoming Programs on the Muskingum County 4-H Calendar (as of 3/12/2020):

March 14 – Ohio 4-H Conference: Cancelled

March 14 – Junior Leaders/Plowboy Prom: Cancelled

March 16 – Enrollment Deadline is still 11:59 p.m.

March 19 – Camp Team Meeting: Cancelled, may add time to future meetings if needed as camp approaches

March 23 – Junior Fair Board Meeting: Cancelled, April, May, June Meetings will begin at 5:30 p.m.

March 26 – Livestock Subcommittees: 4-H Goat, Poultry, Rabbit and Saddle Horse Committee Meetings are canceled by the Extension Office. Junior Fair Livestock Committee will also not meet, per my communication with Senior Fair Board members. Committees will meet at designated times on May 28.

Per Extension Administration, 4-H Committees cannot meet between now and April 20, unless virtual. Please consult with the Extension Office if you would like to meet virtually or if you feel it is necessary to schedule a meeting between April 20 and May 28.

Goat, Poultry, Rabbit and Saddle Horse Committee Presidents should turn a committee member roster into the Extension Office by April 1. I will be in contact with committee presidents about business that needs to be conducted in the near future.

March 28 – Cloverbud Science Saturday: Cancelled

March 28 – Quality Assurance: Cancelled. March 31, April 22 and May 4 dates remain on the calendar but are subject to change based on status of restrictions.

March 28 – Small Animal Fun Day: Cancelled. May be rescheduled, offered virtually or by individual committees when allowed.

March 28 – Winner’s Circle Kick-Off: Face-to-face event cancelled, Extension staff exploring options to continue program for 2020.

March 31 – Campership Application Deadline still 4:30 p.m.

March 31 – Quality Assurance Test-Out and Session: Will continue as scheduled, but subject to change based on status of restrictions.

April 2 – Junior Leaders Etiquette Dinner: Cancelled.

April 6 – 4-H Committee: Cancelled Face to Face. More information will be shared directly with the Committee.

April 9 – 4-H CARTEENS: Will continue as scheduled, but subject to change based on status of restrictions.

April 13 – Camp Registration Packets Available

April 13 – Quality Assurance Test-Out: Will continue as scheduled, but subject to change based on status of restrictions.

April 15 – Club Paperwork Deadline still 4:30 p.m.

April 16 – Camp Team Training: Will continue as scheduled, but subject to change based on status of restrictions.

April 17-18 – 4-H Camp Ohio Camp Counselor Workshop: Will continue as scheduled, but subject to change based on status of restrictions.

April 20 – Extension Advisory Committee: Cancelled Face to Face. More information will be shared directly with the Committee.


Ohio Military Kids Update

Here’s to the start of new decade for Ohio Military Kids! This will be a year of appreciation as we embrace 2020 with open minds and big hearts. We extend our appreciation to those past, present, and future who contribute time and efforts to support the increasing number of military-affiliated youth served by OMK.

Ohio Military Kids is a partnership with Ohio State University Extension 4-H Youth Development and Ohio National Guard Family Readiness. This partnership allows us to put on numerous events around the state of Ohio. From overnights, daylong programs, weekend camps, and even a weeklong camp, these events are open to youth of military families. 4-H older youth and adults can volunteer for OMK events, including as camp counselors in the summer!

With our event season approaching, we are all excited to embrace the new year of 2020! Ohio Military Kids just launched their first wave of events for March and April. These events include two daylong horse camps, a zoo overnight, and a weekend farm visit. Visit our website at go.osu.edu/OMKevents to learn more about the 2020 adventures of Ohio Military Kids!

Award Winners Recognized at 4-H Kick-Off

Congratulations to the following award winners recognized at the 4-H Kick-Off on February 18!

Honor Clubs – Clubs are recognizing for achieving 400 or more points on the 4-H Club Participation Sheet. Points are awarded for club meetings, activities and involvement at the local, state and national level.

  • Adamsville Renegades
  • City Kids
  • Creative Farm Kids
  • Duncan Falls Helping Hands
  • Eastside Community Ministry
  • Flocks of Fun
  • Flying R
  • Go N Show
  • Grand Entry
  • Highland Go Getters
  • Hooves & Paws
  • Jersey Ridge Happy Hustlers
  • Meigs Junior Pioneers
  • Muskingum Traditions
  • Norwich Stovetop Stitchers & Critters
  • Panther Society
  • Rolling Plains

County Medals – 4-H members who demonstrate exemplary achievement in a specific project area over a period of years can apply to earn one of three potential County Medal Awards in any of the over 25 project areas.

  County Medal(s)
Riley Bihlman Rabbit, Photography
Kylie Bradley Goat
Alyssa Derry Goat
Kaylee Dingey Swine
Cooper Fox Sheep
Treva Hampp Personal Development
Keirsten Jackson Goat, Leadership, Personal Development, Communications
Megan Knicely Foods & Nutrition, Poultry
Austin Lynn Foods & Nutrition
Eliza Jane Morrow Beef, Clothing & Textiles
Cole Schilling Woodworking


Riley represented us at the State Achievement Award Contest.


State Trips & Camp Scholarship Recipients

Citizenship Washington Focus Delegates

  • Megan Knicely
  • Caroline Sowers

Sea Camp Delegates

  • Eliza Jane Morrow
  • Cole Schilling

Muskingum County 4-H Scholarship – The Muskingum County 4-H Committee awards scholarships annually to recognize 4-H members and alumni for their contributions and achievements.

  • Keirsten Jackson is a 10 year member from Hooves & Paws 4-H Club. She is a Camp Counselor and CARTEENS volunteer, as well as a past Junior Leader and Junior Fair Board member. Keirsten plans to attending Bowling Green or Kent State and major in business/communications.
  • Kamryn Kreis is a 13 year member of Adamsville Mixed Farmers 4-H Club. During Kamryn’s 4-H career, she won Grand Champion Market Hog twice, was Outstanding Market Hog Exhibitor and won overall swine showmanship 3 times. She also served as a Junior Fair Board Officer. Kamryn plans to study Ag Communications at Ohio State.
  • Kailey Lindsley is a 14 year member from Tri-Valley Country Kids 4-H Club. Kailey served as a Camp Counselor, CARTEENS volunteer and president of Junior Fair Board and Junior Leaders. She is currently studying to be a surgical technician at Pittsburgh Technical College.
  • Hannah Ogilbee is a 9 year member from Grand Entry 4-H Club. She has served as her club’s president for four years, is a camp counselor and CARTEENS volunteer and Junior Fair Board member. She plans to study nursing at Muskingum University.
  • Katie Shreve is a 12 year member from Chandlersville Buckeye and Main Attraction 4-H Clubs. Katie has represented Muskingum County at the Ohio State Fair several times with woodworking and horse projects. She has been an officer in her club and served on Junior Fair Board. She plans to attend Muskingum University.
  • Taylor Zemba is a nine year member from New Concord Connections 4-H Club. She has served as her club’s president, a member of Junior Fair Board and a camp counselor. Taylor takes great pride in her market steer projects. She will attend Ohio State or Otterbein and major in business.

New Officer Books Available!

A new collection of officer record books and resource handbooks is now available on ohio4h.org/officerresources. Please look there for books with a 2020 copyright date after the title.

Most officer positions include a record book and resource handbook, but two do not:

  • A resource handbook for Healthy Living Health Officer and Healthy Living Safety Officer is forthcoming, although not this year.
  • The historian position does not have a resource handbook. The record book by itself is comprehensive.