Last Opportunity! Poultry Pullorum Testing August 5

For poultry exhibiting at the 2021 Fair:

  • Pullorum testing must be done unless the poultry originates from a pullorum-free flock and have not been exposed to other birds at the member’s home.
  • All birds selected for testing should be 16 weeks of age or older.
  • All exhibitors must provide proof of pullorum-free poultry at the fair by having either the bill of sale from a pullorum-free flock or the copy of the Pullorum test.
  • Waterfowl are not required to have the testing.
  • Turkeys must be blood tested by a veterinarian if they are not from a pullorum-free flock. It is up to the exhibitor to have this test performed by a veterinarian if necessary. The veterinarian will provide paperwork to be presented for exhibition.
  • Pullorum-free paperwork must be dated within the last year.
  • Pullorum testing for all chickens will be conducted on Thursday, August 5, 2021 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Poultry Barn at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds.

Registration Open for Junior Fair Cornhole Tournament

Join the Junior Fair Board in the first ever cornhole tournament!
Monday, August 16 at 11 a.m.
Horse Arena, Muskingum County Fairgrounds
All teams must arrive at the Horse Arena by 10:30 a.m.
Contest Guidelines:
  • There are a limited number of spots in each age division.
  • Each team will have two participants. Each participant must be in the same age division.
  • There will be a non-competitive Cloverbud age division with no cost to enter.
  • Competitive age divisions require a $10 entry fee, due the morning of the event (ages are as of January 1, 2021):
    • 8-13 (8 year olds must in 3rd grade as of January 1)
    • 14-18
    • 19-25
  • All participants will receive a prize. Winners of each competitive age division will receive an additional prize.

Register online by August 10 at:

Announcing: Muskingum County Junior Fair Mullet Contest

In 2021, the Muskingum County Junior Fair is participating in Farm Credit/Rural 1st’s “Fight the Hunger, Stock the Trailer” Challenge to help feed those in our local community while also competing against other fairs for cash prizes to support Junior Fair activities!
In an effort to gather more donations, Junior Fair Board is hosting the Muskingum County Junior Fair Mullet Contest!
Contest Guidelines:
  • Participating youth must be a 2021 Junior Fair Exhibitor.
  • Contestants must submit a side view and back view photo of their mullet.
  • Junior Fair Board members will review all submitted entries and select the Top 5. Those five will be featured in the Junior Fair Parade on Sunday, August 15.
  • Junior Fair organizations, community members…ANYONE – can vote for their favorite mullet by dropping canned food off in the “Fight the Hunger, Stock the Trailer” collection trailers (one near the Horse Barn, one near the Junior Fair Office) during the fair. Photos of each contestant will be posted inside the trailer and voters can leave their canned food items below the appropriate picture to have their vote counted.
  • The contestant with the most food items collected will be declared the winner. The winning mullet will receive $50 in Rural King Gift Cards.

Contestants should register online by August 10 at 11:59 p.m.:

Congratulations Livestock Superior & Age Division Winners

Superior Ratings

Congratulations to the following youth who achieved a Superior Rating (90+) at Livestock Skillathon! Youth will be recognized during their species Showmanship event. Horse members will be recognized during Tuesday or Wednesday of the show.

Name Club Species
Avery Babcock Kick N Country Beef
Ellie Babcock Kick N Country Beef
Kyleigh Hatfield Adamsville Mixed Farmers Beef
Brooke Knicely Country Cousins Beef
Kase Kreager Kick N Country Beef
Wyatt Luallen Adamsville Mixed Farmers Beef
Michael Magis Kick N Country Beef
Laney McConnell Flocks of Fun Beef
Mallory Mill Go N Show Beef
Eliza Jane Morrow Highland Go-Getters Beef
Titus Morrow Highland Go-Getters Beef
McKenzie Pitcock Rolling Plains Beef
Chelsea Sotherden Kick N Country Beef
Dylan Sotherden Kick N Country Beef
Jillian Sowers Norwich Stovetop Beef
Lucas Sowers Norwich Stovetop Beef
Nolan Sowers Norwich Stovetop Beef
Brant Vernon Adamsville Mixed Farmers Beef
Drew White Kick N Country Beef
Abigail Derry Highland Go-Getters Dairy
Elaina Hodge Country Cousins Dairy
Alexander Hogue Adamsville Renegades Dairy
Caiden Hogue Adamsville Mixed Farmers Dairy
Cameron Hogue Adamsville Mixed Farmers Dairy
Erin Hogue Adamsville Renegades Dairy
Megan Hogue Adamsville Renegades Dairy
Olivia Hughes Capturing Clovers Dairy
Madison McConnell Flocks of Fun Dairy
Brady Schaad Creative Farm Kids Dairy
Jack Schaad Creative Farm Kids Dairy
Kelsie Spring Flying R Dairy
Colin Thornton West 40 Dairy
Jayden Thornton West 40 Dairy
Sydney Thornton West 40 Dairy
Brianna Bradley Highland Go-Getters Goat
Koby Bradley Highland Go-Getters Goat
Kylie Bradley Highland Go-Getters Goat
Peyton Brown Go N Show Goat
Braylie Burkey Adamsville Renegades Goat
Kody Cetrone Adamsville Renegades Goat
William Dearing Wakatomika Valley Goat
Abigail Derry Highland Go-Getters Goat
Addison Derry Highland Go-Getters Goat
Alyssa Derry Highland Go-Getters Goat
Anzleigh Dingey Meigs Future Farmers Goat
Carter Drake Rix Mills Goat
Aidan Dusenbery Adamsville Renegades Goat
Ethan Dusenbery Adamsville Renegades Goat
Evan Dusenbery Adamsville Renegades Goat
Ian Dusenbery Adamsville Renegades Goat
William Gause Flying R Goat
Sydney Hill Rolling Plains Goat
Jayden Hinkle Flying R Goat
Nattalee Jarrett Rix Mills Goat
Peyton Joy Norwich Stovetop Goat
Kase Kreager Kick N Country Goat
Austin Lynn Rix Mills Goat
Chloe Lynn Rix Mills Goat
Thomas Magis Kick N Country Goat
Eli McDonald Creative Farm Kids Goat
Kaylei McHenry Flocks of Fun Goat
Corbin Merew Avondale Goat
Emily Moyer Kick N Country Goat
Dylan Newcomer Kick N Country Goat
Gage Newcomer Kick N Country Goat
McKenzie Pitcock Rolling Plains Goat
Hayden Weck Adamsville Renegades Goat
Nathan Welsh Tri-Valley Country Kids Goat
Josie Wickham Go N Show Goat
Briar Wilson Flying R Goat
Landyn Andrews Hoof Beats Horse
Audrey Boeshart Flying R Horse
Sydney Hill Grand Entry Horse
Hannah Ogilbee Grand Entry Horse
Madison Sampson Flying R Horse
Bella Vaughn Avondale Horse
Reagan Whittaker Hooves & Paws Horse
Aiden Cross Highland Go-Getters Poultry
Elle Folden Tri-Valley Country Kids Poultry
Garrett Folden Tri-Valley Country Kids Poultry
Haiden Gussler Duncan Falls Helping Hands Poultry
Ian Huff Rolling Plains Poultry
Casey Moore Rolling Plains Poultry
Garrett Newman Meigs Future Farmers Poultry
Haley Ogiblee Grand Entry Poultry
Allison Russell Wildranchers Poultry
Chelsea Russell Wildranchers Poultry
Katie Stafford Tri-Valley Critters & Getters Poultry
Briar Wilson Flying R Poultry
Zachary Adams West 40 Rabbit
Ella Allen Fairview Dandy Doers Rabbit
Brooke Beight Jersey Ridge Happy Hustlers Rabbit
Brianna Bradley Highland Go-Getters Rabbit
Braylie Burkey Adamsville Renegades Rabbit
Aiden Cross Highland Go-Getters Rabbit
Abigail Derry Highland Go-Getters Rabbit
Addison Derry Highland Go-Getters Rabbit
Alyssa Derry Highland Go-Getters Rabbit
Mickayla Landon Valley View Rabbit
James McCandlish Flocks of Fun Rabbit
Madison McConnell Flocks of Fun Rabbit
Kaylei McHenry Flocks of Fun Rabbit
Kadence O’Brien Creative Farm Kids Rabbit
Emily Rexroad Flocks of Fun Rabbit
Caroline Smith Valley View Rabbit
Hannah Stillion Creative Farm Kids Rabbit
Bella Vaughn Avondale Rabbit
Maggie Babcock Kick N Country Sheep
Cade Baughman Rix Mills Sheep
Laurie Baughman Rix Mills Sheep
Audrey Boeshart Flying R Sheep
Michael Coen Rix Mills Sheep
William Dearing Wakatomika Valley Sheep
Abigail Derry Highland Go-Getters Sheep
Addison Derry Highland Go-Getters Sheep
Alyssa Derry Highland Go-Getters Sheep
Ben Dosch Big Rascals Sheep
Evan Dosch Big Rascals Sheep
Cooper Fox Jersey Ridge Happy Hustlers Sheep
Hainsley Hatfield Adamsville Renegades Sheep
Jade Keith Siblings & Friends Sheep
Izabella Lazar Adamsville Renegades Sheep
Nathan Sauerbrey Big Rascals Sheep
Chelsea Sotherden Kick N Country Sheep
Ella Starrett Rix Mills Sheep
Lane Taylor Siblings & Friends Sheep
Chris Tooms Rix Mills Sheep
Austin Tysinger Clever Clovers Sheep
Remi Armstrong Banner Chasers Swine
Copen Barker Adamsville Mixed Farmers Swine
Caden Bowen Flint Ridge Eagles Swine
Mykell Bowen Flint Ridge Eagles Swine
Bennett Brocklehurst Glenn Valley Corn Kickers Swine
Bridget Brocklehurst Glenn Valley Corn Kickers Swine
Delaney Carmichael Chandlersville Buckeye Swine
Abigail Carpenter On Target Swine
Garrett Church Adamsville Mixed Cloverleafs Swine
Logan Dearing Wakatomika Valley Swine
Makenzie Dickson Tri-Valley Country Kids Swine
Anzleigh Dingey Meigs Future Farmers Swine
Cy Dingey Meigs Future Farmers Swine
Dannika Downey Rolling Plains Swine
Reece Fenton Glenn Valley Corn Kickers Swine
Lillyanne Fuller Chandlersville Buckeye Swine
Mayci Hague Glenn Valley Corn Kickers Swine
Kirklend Helsel Glenn Valley Corn Kickers Swine
Olivia Hilty Meigs Future Farmers Swine
Gage Hittle Glenn Valley Corn Kickers Swine
Landon Kinney Duncan Falls Helping Hands Swine
Betsy Knicely Country Cousins Swine
Jackson Knicely Country Cousins Swine
Lilly Knicely Country Cousins Swine
Marshall Knicely On Target Swine
Hadley McKenzie Flying R Swine
Landon Melsheimer Banner Chasers Swine
Eliza Jane Morrow Highland Go-Getters Swine
Ayden Moyer Chandlersville Buckeye Swine
Reece Naber Big Rascals Swine
Kyler Nader Muskingum Traditions Swine
Corinne Neptune Rix Mills Swine
Garrett Newman Meigs Future Farmers Swine
Halle Peck Valley View Swine
Ashley Pletcher Go N Show Swine
Cayden Ray Glenn Valley Corn Kickers Swine
Cydney Ray Glenn Valley Corn Kickers Swine
Dylan Rayner Clever Clovers Swine
Elyse Rayner Clever Clovers Swine
Madison Ross Meigs Future Farmers Swine
Landen Schuhart Wakatomika Valley Swine
Nicole Simons Go N Show Swine
Logan Spiker Tri-Valley Country Kids Swine
Katelyn Stewart Valley View Swine
Tucker Stires Glenn Valley Corn Kickers Swine
Avarie Tedrick Meigs Jr. Pioneers Swine
Ava Tipple Creative Farm Kids Swine
Dylan Tysinger Meigs Future Farmers Swine
Levi Tysinger Perry Merry Mixers Swine
Cole Warner Country Cousins Swine
Breanna Wilson Meigs Future Farmers Swine
Landon Wilson Meigs Future Farmers Swine

Award Winners

Youth who received a score of 90 or above at Livestock Skillathon are eligible to compete for age division and overall winner awards within their species. The following youth will be recognized for their achievements at the fair when Superiors are recognized.

One youth per species was chosen for an Outstanding Record Book Award.

New Office Hours

The OSU Extension-Muskingum County Office is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

NEW – We close daily for lunch from 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

Cloverbud Show & Tell Registration Now Available!

Cloverbuds are invited to participate in Cloverbud Show and Tell on Sunday, August 15 at 1 p.m. at the Entertainment Tent at the Muskingum County Fair. Register online by August 1.

Cloverbuds can present on any topic of interest and use posters, displays or other props. Individual or team presentations are welcome.


Reminder! Junior Fair Horse Vaccination Record Due August 1

5-way vaccination is required for ALL Junior Fair Horses age yearling and older. Exhibitors must submit documentation of vaccination from a veterinarian by August 1, 11:59 p.m. 

If exhibitors have not uploaded their vaccination records to Fair Entry, they will need to log in ( and create an entry under Class 02: Horse Vaccination Record (Due August 1).

Instructions for uploading Horse Vaccination Record.

Please reach out to the Extension Office if you have questions.



Help Needed – Rabbit Barn Set Up, July 31

The Junior Fair Rabbit Committee is seeking assistance from youth, parents and volunteers to set up the rabbit barn on Saturday, July 31, starting at 9 a.m.

Tasks will include cleaning, setting up pens, etc.

Many hands make light work!

Junior Fair Feeder Calf Entry & Market Rabbit Deadline – July 20

All 4-H and FFA youth must complete livestock entries in order to be eligible to exhibit at the Muskingum County Fair.

Feeder Calf Notes

  • Each ANIMAL requires a separate entry. If you plan to exhibit two feeder calves, you need to do two separate entries for feeder calves.

Market Rabbit Notes

Market Rabbit Registration is scheduled for July 15 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Rabbit Barn at the fairgrounds. There is no paperwork for youth to complete and bring with them to registration. Exhibitors will be responsible for completing the online entry process using the appropriate tattoos by July 20. Back-up rabbits must be tattooed and registered by the deadline. For entry help:

  • Note: Exhibitors entering a Pen of Three Fryers will add all animals to the same entry – the entry form will require 6 market rabbits to be entered. If you have less than six rabbits to register, add additional rabbits with a tattoo of 0.

Members must have registered a breeding rabbit by the June 15 deadline to be eligible. All market rabbits must attend Market Rabbit Registration on July 15 to be tattooed and registered, no exceptions! Back-up rabbits must be tattooed and registered by the deadline.