Club Membership Guideline Reminders – Important for Volunteers

As volunteers are enrolling club members, please be aware of the minimum member requirement that clubs must have five members from three different families to meet the Club Charter requirements and receive approval for a club in 2019. These five club members should be project members, not Cloverbuds. Cloverbud members would be counted in addition to this number, and a club must have at least two Cloverbuds enrolled to have a recognized Cloverbud program. This rule is in place to ensure that youth get the most out of the 4-H experience by participating in a variety of group-oriented learning experiences throughout the year.

Beginning 2020, we will not only require clubs to start the year meeting the minimum member requirement, but have that number of members complete the year (refer to the Family Handbook, page 5 for details) to remain in good standing. Clubs that do not meet this standard will be put on probationary status for one year and given the opportunity to meet the requirement the following year. After two years of not meeting this minimum member requirement, clubs will not be granted a Club Charter.