BTC 2021

On 2021, we hosted a virtual camp for the second time. The topic was Math Magic. On our week-long camps, 71 middle and high school students explored math through real magic tricks and learned to perform them. Check out the gallery for some snapshots of the event!

The 2021 Beyond the Classroom summer camp was partially funded by the MAA Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grant.

Feedback from our students:

  • It was very very fun, and I love magic and it was just a super cool different approach on math, and I enjoyed it very, very much.
  • We used mathematical and algebraic operations and it turns out that not all of the tricks are based on skill. Basically, anyone could do these tricks. This was an amazing experience…
  • I used to view math as a hard thing to accomplish, until I came across this camp. I realized that math can be done in super cool ways. This camp really helped me understand harder math concepts in easier ways. 
  • I would 100% recommend this camp. It is a different approach on math that I’ve never seen before. I love magic and just the mix of math with that is so cool. This camp makes you use your math brain, and challenges you in ways that a regular math worksheet wouldn’t. I recommend this camp to everyone who loves math, or even if you don’t like math it’s still amazing. I’ve learned so many tricks and my family members are so impressed. I’ve never shared the trick, because a magician never shares their secret😉

By learning magic tricks with cards, dice, rope, and mind reading, campers studied math topics such as:

  • The Mobius band
  • Knot theory
  • Modular arithmetic
  • Binary and ternary number systems
  • Fibonacci numbers
  • Dice properties
  • Arithmetic invariants
  • Magic squares
  • Coloring/parity problems
  • Kruskal effect

If you are interested in this content, but you were not able to attend the camp, you can enroll on our free self-paced online course. Learn more here.