BTC 2024

This year BAMM will host a summer day-camp centered around recreational mathematics.   While this camp will be similar to previous years, activities will be different and campers with previous experience will have new math adventures!

This camp will create a space for individuals who like mathematics to explore some fun math puzzles and problems alongside OSU Faculty and Graduate students.

The summer camp will take place July 8 – July 12 from 8:30am – 4:00pm daily, in-person on OSU Campus at the Mathematics Tower, 231 W 18th Ave.

This program is intended for students in approximately 6th through 9th grade.

Each day we will watch a math-themed movie/TV-show. Typically these are rated PG or TV-14 (we’ll have a full list before the beginning of the camp for concerned parents).

This program is completely free of cost, however, there is a suggested (non-refundable) donation of $50 to OSU math outreach. This donation will allow us to provide snacks, materials, and give-aways for the campers. Donations can be made online here:

Donate Here

Applications are now closed due to space limitations.